Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 995 995. Insurrection

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Chapter 995 995. Insurrection

Noah descended toward the mountain as his aura enveloped the pack of apes. His pressure as a hybrid forced those beasts to stay still, leaving them barely able to breathe.

The sole presence of a creature in the heroic ranks was able to suppress them altogether. In Noah's case, he could make them yield with the most superficial thought.

The apes trembled as Noah neared them to a.n.a.lyze their bodies. Disbelief was everywhere in his expression. That was the most unexpected discovery that he could find in that hidden world!

'Is this the Kesier species?' Noah questioned himself even if he had clear proofs right in front of his eyes. The apes had black fur covering almost all their bodies, but there were strands of white hair that formed complex runes on it.

Noah couldn't possibly fail to recognize those runes. He had their copies floating at the center of his sea of consciousness, right above his half-transparent figure.

The strongest specimen in that pack was a creature in the third rank, and it had three white Kesier runes on random spots of its body. The other apes had similar white hair that created several Kesier runes according to their rank.

They didn't have a fixed spot. The runes appeared in random places of the fur, but they always followed the order that cultivators used to train their seas of consciousness.

All the rank 1 apes had the first Kesier rune, and those in the second rank had the second one. The third rank specimen had the third rune, which made Noah confident that the Kesier species followed that trend.

He knew that already due to the legends spread on the surface, but he had learnt that history rarely told the truth. The Odrea nation's events had taught him that things rarely were what they appeared, mainly when they belonged to a distant past.

The runes on the apes' fur couldn't affect his mental sphere because he had already memorized them, but Noah could sense the pressure that they radiated. Cultivators could train their minds by staring directly at those beasts.

The value of a single specimen of the Kesier species was immense. Powerful organizations would pay a fortune even for an ape in the first rank because they had the resources to nurture it.

That would go out of proportion when it came to a couple of them. The possibility of making those creatures reproduce neared the value of the traces left by divine beings!

Building a pack of Kesiers meant having an endless supply of Kesier runes!

The world had enough of them when it came to the lower ranks, but things changed in the fifth rank already. Whether the organizations could nurture a beast until it reached the divine ranks and contain it, Noah didn't dare to imagine it.

Still, that hidden world had suddenly become too precious to destroy. A valuable material couldn't match the Kesier species in terms of value.

'How can I bring them to the surface?' Noah thought once he confirmed that those apes were the real deal. There was a significant issue with that world's location that he didn't know how to solve.

The sea of magma above the metallic layer was a ma.s.sive barrier that could stop any weaker being. Those creatures were too weak to swim past that, and Noah couldn't even protect them.

Anything about his existence radiated intense destruction. Noah's spells and techniques would kill the apes before they could even reach the magma.

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'I need to find a stronger specimen,' Noah concluded in his mind. The stories on the surface said that the Kesier species battle prowess was quite remarkable, so there was a high chance that they were in the upper parts of the food chain there.

Noah felt amazed to see that those areas were even more crowded than some of his favorite hunting zones. The absence of cultivators didn't limit those creatures that thrived without ever having to face clearing operations.

Packs of Kesier specimens appeared from time to time. Their place in the food chain matched Noah's guess since they often ruled any region they inhabited.

Noah stopped holding back after he confirmed that those apes wouldn't become extinct any time soon. He started to hunt them, paying the utmost attention to protect their fur.

His gains culminated when he killed a Kesier Ape in the fifth rank. That single kill had given him two runes in the heroic ranks other than the valuable meat on that level.

Something unexpected happened after he killed the rank 5 Ape. His consciousness sensed movements coming from under him, and the ground opened due to the effects of a spell.

Noah didn't move. The beast's blood still ran down his arms while a series of humans came out of that hole and looked around the area wearing excited expressions.

They were all human cultivators, except an elderly-looking man who radiated the power of the aura of an expert in the fourth rank.

The expert noticed Noah, and his eyes widened when he sensed his cultivation level. His legs suddenly gave up due to the intense emotion, and he quickly kowtowed when he managed to calm down.

"Thank you for killing the king of the region!" The man said without raising his head. "My tribe and I will gladly join the insurrection. May the humans reign over the Apes once again!"

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