Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 991 991. Adventure

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Chapter 991 991. Adventure

The growth of the Hive didn't concern only the old generation of Elders. Too many forces had gathered there in the last years, and they were finally showing results in that peaceful period.

The soldiers from the Odrea nation had accepted their past after G.o.d's Left Hand gave them access to Shandal's emotions. Their anger wouldn't vanish quickly, but they took pride in their determination.

After all, they had been able to stir the feelings of a G.o.d. That achievement was worthy of being recorded in the historical records of the world.

Many human cultivators reached the heroic ranks too. The Hive had countless methods to stimulate the growth of its a.s.sets, and the alliance with the Council gave them a friendly opponent to surpa.s.s.

The copying formation taught them how to fight in life-threatening situations, and the events with the a.s.sets of the Council provided experience in battles against cultivators.

The Hive gave them access to various cultivation techniques, and Thirty-seven's disciples held many that covered multiple inscription methods.

The rivalry among the domes and the sects of the Council gave them another reason to improve. The Hive had reached the point when it could create small conflicts among its forces to stimulate its overall growth.

Noah benefitted a lot from that peaceful period. His power grew smoothly, and his experiments increased his understanding of the world of the laws.

He had also started to learn how to endure his hunger to improve his control over his instincts. Noah would purposely starve himself from time as a form of training, and the results were more than satisfying.

His body slowly changed as it harmonized with the dark matter in the heart. Noah was already a unique existence since his hybrid status came from a technique, but the presence of a fourth center of power modified him further.

The only problem was that his breakthroughs were far away.

His mind had been in the fifth rank for a while by then, but the sixth rank appeared unreachable. His improved spherical rune kept enlarging his sea of consciousness, but Noah had yet to sense the arrival of a limit.

His dantian improved quickly since his expertise with the world of the laws improved day by day. He wielded them with every new creation and destructive ability, and his cultivation level benefited from that.

Yet, he wasn't even halfway through the liquid stage. That wasn't surprising since cultivators usually spent centuries at those levels, but Noah felt eager to become stronger.

His body's growth slowed down in that period, and his starving sessions had nothing to do with it. There were fewer targets that could nourish it enough to cause substantial improvements.

There was a limited number of creatures in the upper tier of the fifth rank in the world, and eating weaker beasts barely satisfied his hunger. The dantians of the Ravaging Demon sect's experts had given a boost to his body, but everything had proceeded slowly after that.

Even the hybrids had started to behave, so Noah didn't have any reason to eat them or turn them into materials. He had reached the point when he needed to move his attention away from the if he wanted to find suitable prey.

Noah wasn't too worried about his cultivation level. He knew that he was already growing as fast as he could. The only issue was the boredom that came with spending decades repeating the same training.

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He loved growing stronger, but he had never spent such a long period secluded in his training area. His mind was becoming tired of the pale environment of the separate dimension. He wasn't keeping track of it, but he felt that he had spent a century there already!

He needed different inspirations, and he couldn't find them if he remained in the alliance's territories.

He intended to set off on his own. Noah missed the freedom that he had when he was a lone cultivator, and he wanted to revive that feeling now that his power allowed him to go almost anywhere in the world.

The only one he would accept in the journey was June, but they couldn't even talk, let along travel together.

The tunnel outside the hunting areas of the seven confirmed rank 6 creatures inhabiting the sea often appeared in his eyes. Not even Shandal had explored that location, but it seemed the only possible target for Noah.

Everything would be more accessible if he could hunt those powerful creatures, but he had to stick with beasts in the fifth rank for now. His breakthrough to the solid stage might give him a chance to fight them, but it was too distant to think about it.

Noah memorized the layout of the bottom of the sea and began to make his preparations once he set his mind. He was going to explore that tunnel and cultivate in the open.

The sole idea that he could ignore the political limitations for a while already cleared his mind and the Elders approved his decision when he notified them.

Noah filled his s.p.a.ce-ring with resources that could help him in the journey, but he didn't request any life-saving item. He did get another ring though. He needed that to store the beasts killed as he traveled.

After he settled and prepared everything, Noah left the separate dimension to venture through the sea.

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