Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 984 984. Understanding

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Chapter 984 984. Understanding

The light radiated by the tall beast illuminated the tall caves that made the city's underground world. The area was vast and polished, which hinted that they weren't simple tunnels dug to transport items.

An eerie aura came out of that cavity too. The Demons couldn't help but notice that panicked expressions had appeared on their opponents.

The human cultivators and experts in the fourth rank resumed their battles, but the higher-ups remained still.

Noah and the Demons seized that chance to send a series of mental messages to their allies in the Council to question them about the underground structure. However, they received conflicting answers.

As cultivators who had lived through many ploys and near-death experiences, Noah and the Demons could guess when someone was trying to hide intel from them.

The alliance between the Council and the Hive had set the basis for mutual trust, but they didn't have to reveal everything about their organizations. Secrets had to exist, and the trio from the Hive felt that they had found one of them.

Noah moved his attention to the eerie aura. A calming sensation accompanied it and filled the entirety of the underground structure. It spread on the Four Sigils sect too since there was a large fissure at its center now.

A series of defensive formations activated after the breach. Layers of golden s.h.i.+elds and armored puppets appeared on the surface of the city to protect that entrance.

Noah and the Demons had found themselves in a similar situation many years in the past. They were in Divine Architect's separate dimension, under the raining Heaven Tribulation, when they saw the Mortal Palace appearing.

Their instincts as lone cultivators had made them ignore the danger and go after that mysterious place in the past. They didn't even have to look at each other to make the same decision in the present.

They could avoid the Tribulation in the past. Now, they had to defeat their enemies first. Their greed for resources couldn't overcome their anger toward Ravaging Demon.

Noah had no intention to chase the Tyrannosaurus inside the hole. The defensive formations would put him at too much of a disadvantage, even after his improvements.

The Tyrannosaurus didn't want to remain down there either. Noah could decide to help the Demons and come after it together with them if it didn't help its companions in the sky.

The two liquid stage cultivators inside the golden creature had understood that they weren't a match for Noah in a melee battle. The Tyrannosaurus' physical strength was above his, but they didn't know how to use it properly due to their inexperience.

Noah's body was part of his existence, while the golden creature was only a weapon in those experts' hands. There was an intrinsic difference in how much maneuverability they could have. It was only normal for Noah to be able to express far more power than his opponents.

The Demons resumed their fight while Noah watched the Tyrannosaurus crossing the golden puppets and rising in the sky again. There were cracks over its body due to the last impact. Still, they were already healing due to the energy absorbed by the wings.

Noah had understood that his normal tactics wouldn't work against his opponents. The fact that the liquid stage cultivators relied on a battle formation made them quite hard to kill.

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It wasn't a matter of abilities. Noah could dodge all the attacks of the creature, and his strongest technique could match its offensive.

Noah roared, punched, and stabbed as he sprinted around the ma.s.sive beast. Cracks appeared and vanished as he continued to move in different spots to damage and destabilize the battle formation.

That was a battle style suitable only to hybrids. It was an approach that allowed him to release only a small amount of energy while inflicting a good number of injuries.

Noah was relentless in his offensive. Golden shards fell toward the frozen scenery as he kept on ripping the Tyrannosaurus apart. The mighty and scary figure had turned into nothing more than a maimed and broken creature after a few minutes.

Signs of destabilization began to appear in its shape. The golden scales started to tremble as Noah's a.s.sault continued, and many of them lost its solid form to return to a state of pure light.

Noah noticed that phenomenon but continued with his offensive until a clear opening appeared in the beast's body.

The experts inside the battle formation were so busy trying to stabilize the technique that they didn't notice the different smoke that had begun to enter the Tyrannosaurus. They only took it as Noah's usual corrosive gas.

However, their froze in place when they saw the ma.s.sive reptilian head solidifying right next to their position. Their survival instincts spiked at that point, but it was too late for them to do anything.

Snore released a wave of flames and a sword-shaped lightning bolt right in the center of the Tyrannosaurus, and the golden beast's figure exploded into a storm of shards.

A gray cloud followed the shards, but Noah quickly waved his hands to disperse it and catch the experts' falling s.p.a.ce-rings. As for their bodies, only a few b.l.o.o.d.y patches of tissues had survived the last attack.

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