Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 983 983. Caves

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Chapter 983 983. Caves

Noah had chosen the Tyrannosaurus as his enemy mostly to test himself, but there were other reasons behind his decision. The Demons were the perfect experts to deal with any eventual defense deployed by the Elbas family while the allied forces regrouped.

It was better if Noah took care of the most troublesome enemy while they managed the rest. After all, only one of their opponents in the fifth rank was in the solid stage. The had plenty of room to focus on the entirety of the battlefield.

The Tyrannosaurus was different from the battle formation deployed by the Shandal Empire. It wasn't only the different color of its light. Its form appeared far denser, and it only had a pair of arms and wings.

It didn't even require the same number of heroic a.s.sets. Only two rank 5 cultivators in the liquid stage had been enough to summon it.

The power of the Tyrannosaurus appeared different too. Noah didn't feel as if he was facing a formation. His senses told him that he was facing an actual magical beast.

Noah's eyes sharpened as he sprinted toward the tall beast. Pieces of information resurfaced in his mind as he tried to remember anything connected with that ancient species.

He had the faint sensation that the Elbas family had deeply modified the battle formation, making it resemble the beast that it tried to reproduce.

That meant that he could use the legends and old reports studied by chance when he was in the academy or searched for creatures suitable for the fusion.

As if to prove his instincts wrong, the Tyrannosaurus spewed a golden beam aimed at the dark shape reaching for it. Its arms also slashed the air and released golden blades that flew toward the same target.

Those were the same attacks used by the Empire's battle formation. It seemed that the Royal's version of the technique didn't abandon those features.

Noah ignored the incoming attacks. He was far faster than them. By the time they reached his position, he had already moved forward, leaving only a trail of cracks waiting for them.

The cracks expanded once he reached the belly of the beast. A large patch of the sky fell apar as he made a sharp turn upward while releasing two quick slashes.

The slashes slammed on the creature's golden body, but they were unable to do much damage. Only a few deep marks appeared on its belly, but the wings promptly absorbed the energy still lingering in the environment to heal them.

'Are my instincts wrong?' Noah thought as he rose above the Tyrannosaurs' head to prepare another attack. However, the tail of the creature suddenly appeared on its path and cracked at him.

The scene seemed to freeze for a moment. The cracks in the sky stopped spreading, and most of the black cloud around Noah vanished during the impact.

'They weren't wrong,' Noah thought as he looked above his head. His hand kept the golden tail stuck in an immovable grip, and his fingers had stabbed that dense light, creating cracks through that body part.

After making direct contact with the creature, Noah could sense that the Tyrannosaurus' physical prowess was on par with magical beasts near the peak of the fifth rank.

'It's as if I'm fighting a proper hybrid for once,' Noah revealed a cold smile as he thought that. 'I should let it know why a human form is the best for this strength.'

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Noah didn't feel any fear. Instead, his pride as a creature on the same level spiked when he found an opponent that could take his blows.

It would have been different if the creature was a real magical beast or a hybrid. Still, two cultivators were controlling and creating that huge body, and they couldn't find their balance while also keeping the battle formation active.

Their expertise in that technique was minimal too, so they didn't want to risk the golden beast's integrity to attempt to restore their balance.

Noah rotated to build momentum before throwing the Tyrannosaurus toward the Four Sigil Sect. A golden meteor fell under both armies' incredulous eyes and slammed on the frozen buildings, spreading earthquakes that affected even the territories after the mountain chain.

The dust eventually settled, but tremors continued to spread through the lands. The Tyrannosaurus' fall had affected even the environment under the city, which continued to experience earthquakes.

The Demons had fought against the other two experts in the meantime. They had the upper hand through the entirety of the battle, but their opponents had a series of peak rank 5 items that prevented them from expressing their full power.

The black cube had reformed after the Tyrannosaurus' appearance, and it had kept the duo from the Ravaging Demon sect safe. Instead, the blue powder had become a pile of ice shards after only a few exchanges.

The gaseous stage cultivator though had deployed a series of whips that could act on their own and a dozen puppets with the shape of armored knights to replace it.

Using so many items at the same time strained its mind to no end, but they allowed the duo to match the two Demons who a.s.saulted them relentlessly.

The Tyrannosaurus' fall diverted their attention from their battle and made them stare at the destruction unfolding in the city. When the dust settled, they could see that the golden creature was at the bottom of a series of caves dug under the city.

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