Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 979 979. Review

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Chapter 979 979. Review

Elder Marco and Elder Carmen's names stood next to Noah's. He felt amazed to find that the alliance had become aware of his kills so quickly. Still, the matter became doable when he thought about how the Council used to habit those lands a few years ago.

There were bound to be remains of investigative items and formations in the Papral nation. One of the strongest organizations in those Mortal Lands couldn't give up to their domain without activating some countermeasures.

Dreaming Demon and Flying Demon's names were above his. They stood on the same line and top of the list, and they had four targets next to theirs.

Noah recognized them from the data gathered about the Ravaging Demon sect in that period. The Demons had killed one cultivator in the solid stage, one in the liquid, and two in the gaseous.

The Demons had been among the cultivators that had suffered the most from Ravaging Demon's betrayal. Their anger wasn't something that they could vent with a few raids.

They had chosen to attack without bringing Elders from the Council, and they had targeted a region that had two different sects. No one in the alliance had dared to complain about their plan either since they knew their ident.i.ties.

The Council found it necessary to accommodate the Demons as much as it could. After all, part of their suffering was its fault. The sole fact that they had managed to forsake their past grudges to focus on Ravaging Demon was already a great result.

Noah couldn't help but apply his previous discovery to the current a.s.sets of the Ravaging Demon sect.

It had been part of the Council, which had many heroic cultivators at the apex of its power. However, its number of powerful a.s.sets was abnormal, and there were a few cases of sudden breakthroughs when it came to old cultivators.

Noah didn't think much about it at the beginning. They were just targets that he had to kill to make Ravaging Demon come out. Yet, now they had become part of a ploy that had been in place for many years, probably decades!

He could see the strings of the Elbas family behind the power of the Ravaging Demon sect. There was a chance that everything was only the product of his imagination. Still, many clues stated the opposite too.

"Where are Flying Demon and Dreaming Demon?" Noah asked, breaking the silence that his arrival in the hall had created.

"They went out again," Elder Regina said after she saw that the other Elders in the hall hesitated to reply. She even threw a small orb in Noah's direction to update him about the other raids' results.

Noah caught the orb and inspected it with his mental energy. A list of all the achievements and pieces of information gathered after the battles appeared in his mind.

Some of the attacks of the alliance had failed. The Ravaging Demon sect had deployed powerful defenses in essential locations, and the raiding teams there couldn't find a way to cross them in a short time.

Those weren't common defenses placed at the borders of each domain. The separate dimension would directly ignore them in that case. Instead, they were formations placed directly at the center of each sect and capable of hindering any intruder.

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The alliance knew that the Ravaging Demon sect didn't have that kind of inscriptions. It wasn't a field that the Council specialized in. Also, those defenses seemed to target the effects of the separate dimension.

The acceleration that Noah obtained with that technique was incredible. Its only issue was the lack of maneuverability due to the momentum that it was capable of providing. He could make sharp turns, but he couldn't curve his trajectory accurately.

Snore's flames and feathers were incredible too, especially the latter since they weren't limited to its level. The Blood Companion revealed itself to be a fantastic helper, with the only difference that Noah had finally removed the limitations on its growth.

As for the ability that had given him the chance to win, Noah found it even more potent than he expected.

Using the Black Hole spell to overcharge the Demonic Form spell gave birth to the third form of the Dragon's claw martial art. Noah slashed his six arms without fusing them and threw all the black smoke around him along with the attack.

That gave birth to a gaseous shape that took the form of a six-armed dragon. Its power was immense since it fused all the second form's strong points with his other spells. The only issue was that the scaled armor would disappear after launching that attack.

The same went for the copies of the Demonic Sword and all the Black Hole spell's energy. Noah remained defenseless for a few seconds after using the third form of his martial art, but its power made it worth it.

After all, Elder Marco had used the entirety of his consciousness to focus on his drill, but Noah's attack had managed to match it for a few seconds. That was enough to prove how powerful it was.

'I've obtained these results by creating martial arts for preexisting spells,' Noah thought as he meditated while his body absorbed nutrients to heal. 'How much power can I obtain if I create specific spells?'

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