Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 967 967. Offer

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Chapter 967 967. Offer

The scene from above the floating structure was breathtaking. Every building in that area was a training area suitable for beings near the peak of the heroic ranks. It was as if the Empire had converged the riches acc.u.mulated through the years to build a paradise for cultivators.

The air there even resembled that of the piece of Immortal Lands. The "Breath" in the environment was so thick that the formations on the ground remained active without a power source.

Three structures stood out from the rest of the buildings. There was the tall castle on the right side of the floating region, the mountain-like building at its center, and a dark tower on its left area.

The castle and the tower leaked a powerful aura that carried a violent feeling. Noah felt as if he was in front of natural calamities, ready to unleash their blind rage to the world.

Instead, the mountain gave off a static feeling. Everything around its area appeared motionless as if stuck in time. The only word that Noah could find to describe its aura was "eternal", but he wasn't sure that his consciousness could comprehend the true might of that structure.

Icy Stare landed on the surface of the flying structure when the group drew near G.o.d's Left Hand's castle. They walked on the s.h.i.+ning lines that filled the ground an among the luxurious buildings meant for the best heroic cultivators of the Empire.

It was needless to say that living among the powerhouses was a big deal for the citizens of the Empire. Icy Stare gazed at those buildings with reverence and envy, revealing that even someone on her level didn't have access to those areas.

Dreaming Demon didn't care much about the structures. Her attention was on the s.h.i.+ning lines under her, which she studied as they walked through the floating region.

Her expression soon showed amazement and zeal, and her eyes darted among the various lines in a messy attempt to memorize them.

"Don't bother," Icy Stare said when she noticed the Demon's actions. "This is a replica of the Second Life formation already. It barely works as it is. Coping a few lines won't even produce effects."

Noah and Flying Demon's eyes went on the ground at her words. The miraculous formation that had created so many problems in the war was right under their feet. They couldn't contain their curiosity.

"How did you manage to deploy something so complex in the new continent?" Dreaming Demon asked.

"We didn't," Icy Stare answered. "We increased the range of this structure so that it could reach those lands."

Icy Stare's reply appeared honest, which surprised the three rank 5 cultivators. Yet, they understood why she didn't bother to hold back pieces of information.

The lines on the ground were so intricate that even their powerful minds found them hard to memorize. The leaked complex auras too, which made them impossible to understand on the spot.

Icy Stare knew that Noah and the Demons had no chance to learns something from that scene. King Elbas was the only existence in the world that could understand something from those short glances, but even he would have to struggle to memorize it.

A few spa.r.s.e auras appeared from time to time as they walked. There were some cultivators currently living there, but they didn't seem interested in meeting the group from the Hive.

Noah and the others didn't ask anything either to preserve some politeness. They just took note that there were even rank 4 cultivators on that fantastic structure. The Empire probably rewarded those habitations to soldiers that had acc.u.mulated significant battle merits, without minding their cultivation level.

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Noah's sensed a familiar aura at some point. His head turned toward a building filled with windows that showed a cultivator immersed in a cylindrical container filled with a dark-red liquid.

Noah and the others could guess that the system was part of G.o.d's Left Hand's cultivation technique, but the oppressing aura coming from the top of the castle claimed the entirety of their attention.

Icy Stare escorted the group until they reached a large door that stood at the end of the staircase. A whistling noise came out from the empty s.p.a.ces between the door and the walls, signaling the presence of strong gales on the other side.

"I can't proceed further," Icy Stare said as she gestured to the group to cross the entrance.

The door opened when Noah and the Demons touched it, revealing G.o.d's Left Hand's figure sitting on top of a ma.s.sive tornado in a cross-legged position.

The gales leaking from the tornado pushed the rank 5 cultivators backward, but they deployed their auras to fend off that pressure and protect the trio from the Odrea nation.

The storm calmed down when G.o.d's Left Hand opened her eyes, and the winds slowly dispersed as she floated back on the floor where a throne waited for her.

"Please sit, envoys of the Hive," G.o.d's Left Hand said as a series of praying mats appeared in front of her. "We have much to discuss and a lot to plan. Let's not waste our time."

Noah and the Demons stepped forward, followed by the trio from the Odrea nation. However, they didn't sit straight away to stick to the approach that they had planned.

"Speaking of wasting time," Noah said while wearing his usual cold expression, "What is the Empire willing to offer?"

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