Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 961 961. Threats

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Chapter 961 961. Threats

Ravaging Demon was injured, but King Elbas' item had managed to stabilize his condition and wake him up. The other powerhouses couldn't understand how weak he was, but there was a constant in the battle that made them realize how powerful the Elbas family was.

King Elbas appeared prepared for anything. It didn't matter if it was countering an individuality or healing a rank 6 cultivator in a matter of seconds. The Patriarch of the Elbas family had an inscribed item ready for that.

Every major a.s.set in those Mortal Lands had always known that King Elbas was an astonis.h.i.+ng existence. After all, the dimensional portal had shown that his expertise in the inscription field surpa.s.sed any school in possession of other organizations.

Yet, Chasing Demon and Great Elder Diana felt that they had underestimated him after seeing him in action. Holding him in high regard wasn't enough to evaluate the kind of threat that he could pose to them.

King Elbas and Ravaging Demon floated closely in the air. It wasn't possible to target only one of them anymore, mainly since Diana couldn't rely on her precision at the moment.

Launching an attack toward Ravaging Demon would involve King Elbas too, which went against what Chasing Demon and Great Elder Diana had tried to avoid for the entirety of the battle. It was time to decide how far they were willing to go to prevent the Royals' faction from acquiring a second powerhouse.

Chasing Demon had taken his decision previously, but he didn't discuss the matter with his natural ally. Great Elder Diana could decide to continue with her offensive, which would force the Patriarch of the Hive to help her.

The two of them exchanged a long glance after they a.n.a.lyzed the scene. The powerhouses were too far away to interact through their consciousnesses, but one of them had already shown his stance. It was up to Great Elder Diana to decide on their next step.

Nevertheless, King Elbas' patience had reached its limits by then. He had to waste two inscribed items in the sixth rank and even use his black blood twice to save Ravaging Demon.

The value of a powerhouse was far above that of his creations. King Elbas could always make more of them, while he couldn't decide when a new rank 6 cultivator would appear. Even the miraculous pool was a variable since it would generally kill half of the experts that immersed themselves in its oily waters.

With the Shandal Empire out of the political scene, the Elbas family needed another organization as an ally to match its enemies. Otherwise, it would have to face their suppression, which would ultimately lead to its destruction.

Powerful inscribed items could only slow down that outcome. After all, the Empire had relied on many miraculous formations but had ended up in a poor situation anyway.

Inscribed items and formations could support the cultivators and tilt the scales of a battle on one side, but they couldn't win wars on their own. There had to be powerful a.s.sets using them and exploiting the chances that they created.

King Elbas waved his hand, and multiple disposable weapons appeared in the air around him. There were swords, spears, orbs emitting various radiances, and even puppets with intricate formations on their bodies. Also, each one of those items radiated the power of the sixth rank.

King Elbas didn't activate the weapons, but he spoke with an annoyed tone to announce his stance to the two powerhouses targeting Ravaging Demon. "This is only a fraction of my a.s.sets."

It was needless to say that the sight of so many powerful weapons made Chasing Demon and Great Elder Diana hesitate. Each one of those items was able to match the power of their spells. Some of them even had mysterious effects that the powerhouses couldn't discern in that situation.

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Of course, both Chasing Demon and Diana had inscribed items of their own. They were still cultivators that had reached the last stage of the heroic ranks and had acc.u.mulated riches for the entirety of their long lives.

G.o.d's Left Hand's stance was clear. She eyed Ravaging Demon and King Elbas while battle intent spread through her aura. It was evident that she had decided to side with Chasing Demon and Great Elder Diana.

King Elbas revealed an ugly expression. He felt that he could defend against three powerhouses if he were to fight in his domain, but he could only rely on his inscribed items there.

He wasn't worried about his life though. He had so many lifesaving methods that made him confident in surviving the clash with a G.o.d, even if only for a few seconds. The problem was Ravaging Demon.

"What if they start to attack?" King Elbas asked as he eyed the powerhouses at the edges of the battlefield.

"They would have broken the pact then," G.o.d's Left Hand said without any hesitation. "I will side with you in that case."

King Elbas nodded at her words and stored his weapons back in his s.p.a.ce-ring. Then, he started to fly away from the battlefield, and Ravaging Demon followed closely behind him.

Noah gazed at the expressions of his Patriarch and knew that the battle was over. Everyone lost that day, and the various organizations had only set the foundation for future wars.

Flying Demon and Dreaming Demon glanced at him, and the three of them exchanged a cold gaze that carried a deeper meaning. They knew that they would raid the Ravaging Demon sect next.

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