Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 959 959. Orb

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Chapter 959 959. Orb

It took Noah a while to understand that King Elbas' slash wasn't invisible. The blood that came out of his forearm had taken fire during the attack and had created flames so fast that none of the rank 5 cultivators on the scene could see them.

The net made of lightning bolts fell apart once a fissure spread on its surface. Its orange sparks dispersed in the air as the links crumbled. Still, cracks continued to appear in that area of the sky even after the spell was gone.

The slash even severed the t.i.tan's arm, which fell on the ground, creating another series of earthquakes. Ravaging Demon had managed to escape from its grip before it hit the terrain, and he had transformed in a series of flames that flew toward King Elbas.

Chasing Demon acted and controlled the giant so that its mouth would aim for the escaping flames. The insides of the t.i.tan started to tremble at that point. A condensed shockwave came out of its mouth in the form of a low cry, which reached its target instantly.

The trails of flames shook when the cry hit them. Most of them struggled to resist that attack only to disperse in the air. The fire that survived condensed into Ravaging Demon's figure, which had many missing body parts.

Both his arms were nowhere to be seen, and he only had his left leg. Half of his waist had disappeared too, and all his injuries leaked ma.s.sive quant.i.ties of blood even if his "Breath" tried to close them.

Also, no flames appeared to rebuild his missing parts. Ravaging Demon was bleeding for the first time since the beginning of the battle, and he didn't seem able to suppress his injuries!

The offensive against him didn't stop there. Great Elder Diana pointed both her indices toward the wounded Demon, and small sparks came out of them. That attack consisted of minute lightning bolts capable of flying even faster than King Elbas' slash.

Holes appeared on Ravaging Demon's body as the lightning bolts. .h.i.t him. The pressure caused by that relentless offensive forced him to perform evasive maneuvers. Still, they only managed to limit the amount of damage that the Patriarch of the Council could inflict.

Those lightning bolts were too fast and small. Ravaging Demon couldn't dodge them even in his flame form, and King Elbas' attacks weren't precise enough to intercept that offensive.

The Council and the Hive were finally gaining the upper hand in that battle. After all, they only wanted to secure the kill on Ravaging Demon in that situation. As for King Elbas, they could think of a way to deal with him in the future.

However, King Elbas didn't want to lose his ally. Ravaging Demon was only a newly advanced rank 6 cultivator. Still, his sole presence could help him balance the political environment that was bound to appear once the factions returned to their homes.

King Elbas sighed for the third time, and an orb appeared next to him. The sphere emitted a multicolored light whose brightness flickered continuously. It could radiate the brightest white light before turning into a black radiance that obscured the area around it.

"I hope you are worth it," King Elbas said as he glanced at the escaping Ravaging Demon before launching the orb toward the center of those regions. The light radiated by the sphere became unstable during its flight until it burst outward, enveloping the entirety of the battlefield with its chaotic aura.

Great Elder Diana didn't think much about the orb at the beginning. King Elbas didn't throw it at her, so she continued to focus on the new powerhouse before it managed to escape.

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Yet, she started to lose control of her spells after the chaotic aura spread through the sky. She would still launch her attacks, but they became imprecise and messy when they tried to aim for Ravaging Demon.

Ravaging Demon's body was a mess. Blood leaked from the missing pieces of flesh and the holes created by the minute lightning bolts. The dense shockwave made him puke blood when it swept him, and even his consciousness wavered after that last attack.

The loss of focus put a stop to his flight and made him fall. The Demon wasn't unconscious, but he struggled to fend off the effects of the shockwave.

Chasing Demon waved his hand, and the t.i.tan started to run toward the falling Demon. Its feet eventually stepped on the air, making it sprint in a diagonal trajectory through the sky as it tried to intercept its target.

King Elbas' complexion paled at that point, and a single drop of black blood came out of his mouth. He then picked the blood and flicked it toward the giant, hitting it right before it could punch the falling Demon.

Flames spread through the entirety of the t.i.tan's body when the black blood touched it. That fire appeared able to affect its ma.s.sive form since the rocky terrain that made it turned into lava that fell toward the ground.

The giant cried again as if expressing its unwillingness to fall apart before it could complete its task. However, King Elbas' flames were too powerful and liquefied its entire body before it could reach Ravaging Demon.

Chasing Demon's attack died with its arm stretched in a desperate attempt to reach its target.

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