Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 923 923. Unfair

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Chapter 923 923. Unfair

A torrent of blood fell from the severed parts of the Albino Snake's body.

Noah let the red cascades submerge him as he remained in the air to stare at the falling creature. He had ended up severing its body into two parts when he was inside its throat, but that didn't seem enough to kill the beast.

The headless part of the Snake convulsed and moved even after it crashed on the ground, but Noah's attention was on the other piece of the body since he felt a pair of reptilian eyes fixed on his figure.

The hatred contained in those eyes was so intense that Noah could almost understand what the Snake was feeling at that moment. He could imagine how suffering that kind of injury now that it was so close to the sixth rank had ruined its plans.

Of course, the Snake couldn't create proper thoughts. Its anger was an instinctive reaction to the fact that Noah had severed most of its body. As for what concerned the depths of that feeling, Noah could only imagine it.

The Albino snake straightened up what remained of its body as its scales lit up again. It seemed that it had given up on escaping and wanted to vent its anger on the human figure floating at some meters above its head.

However, the activation of its innate ability only made it lose more blood. Also, the light beam that came out of its mouth was far weaker than before since there were fewer scales gathering light now.

Noah didn't even bother to dodge the incoming attack. His skin was already a mess due to the prolonged period inside the Snake's throat, and uncovered muscles were visible in certain spots.

He had already tasted the best that the Albino Snake could do. That weakened attack didn't even trigger his instincts.

Trails of black smoke appeared on the sides of his torso and condensed to form four additional arms. The light that was submerging him couldn't stop them from wielding the four copies of the divided Demonic Sword.

Noah executed the second form of his martial art and created an empty area between him and the Snake, making the light in that trajectory disappear without leaving any trace.

A large cut appeared on the Snake's mouth, which stopped its offensive only for an instant before it relaunched its light beam.

Noah didn't move. He let the white light submerge him again before performing his most potent attack once more.

The empty areas created by his slashes resembled the death zone that the Albino Snake used to have at the bottom of Twilboia Cliff. They represented an unsurmountable barrier that destroyed any hope.

Only then did Noah realize how much he had grown. He had reached the point where he could play around with a dying creature at the peak of the fifth rank without risking anything.

Pride, ambition, and hunger filled his body as he repeated that exchange of attacks until the Snake stopped launching light beams. His instincts were almost going crazy at that scene due to the relations.h.i.+p that he had with that creature.

However, Noah's mind was calm, and his face was expressionless.

'The joy of a beast can't satisfy me,' Noah thought as he started to descend toward the tired beast.

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The Albino Snake was a mess. It gasped for air as a natural reaction to its exhaustion, but it failed to realize that there were no lungs on that part of its body.

The Albino Snake understood the threat and lowered its head. It was as if it was surrendering on its own. Still, Noah didn't need a subordinate. He required a will capable of learning and using the body that he had created with his dark matter.

He meant those words though. A magical beast at the peak of the fifth rank had managed to hurt him using a trap, which meant that a hybrid or a cultivator could do much more in that situation.

Noah didn't even know his battle prowess when it came to facing cultivators in the liquid stage, but he knew that it wouldn't be a one-sided fight.

That unfairness for such a patient being was something that Noah wanted to fix, even if that meant talking with a dying creature to increase the chances of success of the procedure that he was going to execute.

The Albino Snake died a few moments after he finished speaking. The injuries had become too much to endure, and it had lost way too much blood. Noah had sealed its fate since he neared it.

Noah didn't hesitate anymore after the Albino Snake died. He quickly went to store the other part of its body while taking out the piece of leather that contained a series of inscriptions.

Noah placed the item on the ground and its contents spread on the terrain around it, creating a formation that stopped enlarging when it became more than ten meters large. Then, he picked the other part of the Snake and placed it on the formation.

The s.h.i.+ning lines lit up as soon as the ma.s.sive reptilian head entered in their form, and the skin of the body piece began to burn to force the will of the creature to come out in the open.

Noah just needed to defeat it before he could complete the creation of his Blood Companion.

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