Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 920 920. White mountain

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Chapter 920 920. White mountain

Noah's plans for his dark matter didn't stop to an imitation. According to what he had understood of his higher energy, he might reach the point where he could create his world at some point.

Of course, that was purely theoretical. Noah had only managed to copy the lightning bolts of the Heaven Tribulation, and his work with the body of the Blood Companion was between pure creation and imitation.

Noah was creating body parts that already existed in other magical beasts and building entirely new tissues when he couldn't find something to imitate. His expertise with higher energy was what dictated his choices.

Imitating was easier, and Noah could create tissues that he had already studied in the past. Pure creation, instead, was challenging and required tests to see if his products worked as intended.

It was needless to say that the tissues built through pure creation suited his individuality better. Still, Noah wasn't skilled enough to make an entire living being without taking inspiration from the world.

Also, certain body parts were too perfect for what he had in mind, so he couldn't ignore the examples that the world provided.

June remained in the separate dimension and left it only when the Elbas family contacted her for specific meetings or a.s.signed her missions.

That rarely happened though, so she spent most of her time training near Noah, who was entirely captivated by his project.

Noah and Thirty-seven had started to work together at some point since they needed to make sure that they were working toward the same goal.

They had both planned that the modifications of the Body-inscription spell had to lead to some advanced version of the living weapons. Yet, they needed to set a direction so that their researches could eventually fuse into a single ability.

Nevertheless, they quickly found common ground. Thirty-seven would try to modify the spell so that Noah would only need to transfer the will of the Albino Snake into the new body before inscribing it on his skin.

After deciding on their direction, Noah and Thirty-seven returned to their work and focused on completing their separate projects.

It only took a few years for both of them to complete their works. Thirty-seven even finished before Noah since his project only required him to modify certain parts of the Body-inscription spell.

The only parts that required special attention were the modifications to specific core aspects. Still, the automaton did its best to keep as much of the original diagram as possible.

On the other hand, Noah had needed a bit more to complete the body made with dark matter.

There were many instances when he had to rebuild entire parts of the Blood Companion because they caused instabilities in its form. At times, some of its organs wouldn't function correctly, which forced him to a.n.a.lyze and recreate tissues again.

Noah eventually completed his work, and that signaled the beginning of the last phase of his project. It was time to hunt down the Albino Snake and finalize the creation of the Blood Companion.

A vast black cloud started to compress, revealing Noah's features. The gas gathered on his palm, where it formed a small orb that Noah stored inside his s.p.a.ce-ring.

There was enough room for the body of the Blood Companion after the years spent experimenting and testing. It wasn't a problem to store his creation now.

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Thirty-seven came close and handed him a piece of leather that had a series of inscriptions on its surface.

At that point, Noah started to look for the traces of the Albino Snake and its pack.

Luckily for him, that side of the old continent was mostly uninhabited. After all, the Elbas family had pushed as many a.s.sets as possible to migrate to the new continent.

Noah found himself in a wild environment where only magical beasts tried to thrive even if the destructive effects of the dimensional portal were about to reach those lands. They were mostly creatures in the human ranks that ate each other to make up for the low density of "Breath" in the air.

Of course, Noah completely ignored them as he looked for the traces left by the Albino Snake, and they weren't hard to find due to the ma.s.sive size of that creature.

Noah followed those traces until he found himself in front of the familiar mountain chain that signaled the end of King Elbas' domain and pressed forward while keeping his awareness to its peak.

It seemed that even the mountain chain had been affected by the appearance of the dimensional portal. Many creatures had migrated and mixed themselves with the environment of that danger zone, making it more crowded and chaotic.

Noah felt the urge to hunt the few powerful creatures that he found among those mountains, but he suppressed it to focus on the mission. There would be time to eat once he improved his power.

Tracking down a creature in the fifth rank wasn't a hard task for him, especially since he knew what he was looking for. Noah soon found himself in a valley between two tall mountains, and he saw a scene that made some of his oldest memories resurface.

He saw a small and white mountain surrounded by a sea of snakes.

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