Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 918 918. Dark matter

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Chapter 918 918. Dark matter

Noah had always relied on Blood Companions through the course of his cultivation journey. The Body-inscription spell had been his first spell and a useful tool that had allowed him to overwhelm his opponent even when outnumbered.

Yet, his darkness had made him lose access to many of his previous abilities, which forced him to give up on creating Blood Companion until he found a solution to the issue.

His higher energy though had revealed itself to be a matter capable of recreating the world. It could replicate the lightning bolts of a Heaven Tribulation, and it had even caused a reaction in the black clouds meant to destroy him.

Noah now had the tools that he had lacked in his previous years and could devote himself to all the projects that he had set aside. The priority went to those that would improve his battle prowess.

Of course, his study of the higher energy was far from over. After all, he had just discovered that he could imitate other elements with that power, which was no small thing.

However, that research would take decades, and its results might be unclear. Even if it was a promising study project, Noah had to make sure that he was at the peak of his power before embarking himself in another long series of experiments.

Noah's return to Divine Market city created a wave of surprise and amazement.

The other rank 5 cultivators had seen him cause a Tribulation and lead it away from the city. Still, now they saw him returning as a rank 5 cultivator in the liquid stage.

His t.i.tle as the most talented cultivator in history wasn't just for show. Noah proved to the world again that he was a monster capable of matching the exaggerated rumors about him.

Reaching the liquid stage in a little more than one hundred years was an outstanding achievement. It showed that Noah didn't meet any bottleneck along his journey and was continuing to advance at full speed toward the higher ranks.

Truth to be told, reaching the liquid stage in one hundred years wasn't too far off from the standards of the geniuses. It wasn't a monstrous achievement like those that he had earned in the past.

Yet, the matter spread far and wide nonetheless since it concerned Noah. Being a little above the genius level would still earn him the t.i.tle of a monster since his previous achievements put him too far away from his generation.

Noah's notebook rang like crazy in those days. Every Elder of the Hive wanted to congratulate with him and set up friendly meetings where they could discuss their individualities and give pointers to each other.

Noah was inclined to accept them, but he had too many projects piled up, and he had yet to study his new darkness properly. So, he turned the invitations down as he prepared to approach the experiments with his Blood Companion.

Thirty-seven felt disappointed when Noah told him that they would need to stop experimenting on the living weapons until he took care of his matters. Still, the automaton decided to join Noah's new project anyway since it sort of concerned organic inscriptions.

Noah's idea was simple. In the past, he had initially thought that he needed to a.s.semble a body that would suit his darkness to avoid the rejections that had made him abandon the spell in the first place.

Nevertheless, discovering that his higher energy was a pure tool of creation meant that he could a.s.semble whatever he wanted as long as there was enough energy for the Blood Companion and himself.

He didn't even need the body parts of specific magical beasts. He could imitate them with his higher energy.

There were only two issues with his idea.

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The first one was that Thirty-seven needed to reexamine the spell and change it according to Noah's requirements. The seconds one was that he needed a will if the automaton decided to follow the living weapons' approach.

However, soldiers of the Shandal Empire filled the central territories of the old continent. They would have noticed something so big slithering through their domain.

So, the most obvious answer was that it was hiding inside the mountain chain that divided the two areas of influence.

There would be time for the hunt though. Noah now had to create a body that could make use of his individuality and turn it into firepower too.

Generally speaking, Noah would find specific body parts and forge them together to create a chimera. However, he could work more freely now that he had higher energy. He could use it as the primary material for his creation.

After all, that would even improve Noah's control over the Blood Companion and would prevent him from wasting time trying to piece exotic materials together.

Noah's project started with a long session of meditation accompanied by the Divine Deduction technique, in which he decided the features that his new Blood Companions would have. Also, he set its abilities and its anatomy according to his needs.

The actual experimentations happened only after that, and Noah could discover even more applications of his higher energy.

He wasn't wrong when he thought that he could recreate the world thanks to his black star. Noah had begun creating the spine from nothing when he noticed that his higher energy could solidify if needed. It could a.s.sume any forms.

That led Noah to call his higher energy "dark matter".

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