Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 910 910. Itch

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Chapter 910 910. Itch

Noah knew that his higher energy was something that he had to manage on his own. However, he needed help for what concerned containing the dark star, and he liked to hear the opinion of other experts so that he could have a broader vision on the matter.

Thirty-seven eventually went away and left Noah alone in that area of the separate dimension.

The automaton had many things to handle in the Hive, especially with the new wave of promising cultivators from the Odrea nation. Also, his job was over there.

Thirty-seven would make a list of inscription methods that could compress the dark sphere, but Noah had to do all the work since it was a matter that concerned his individuality. It would be even better if he did everything on his own for the same reason.

Noah spent weeks meditating in front of his dark star. He would train and meditate as usual while thinking of a way to turn that power into something that he could utilize in battle.

Of course, his thoughts didn't focus only on his battle prowess, but Noah's priority had always been his power. He had to find an answer to that question before he pondered about other applications.

He would even spend time a.n.a.lyzing the lump of higher energy that he had seized during his first successful experiment.

The higher energy gave him insights on the laws of creation whenever he interacted with it, but it seemed that those enlightenments consumed part of it, and the insights weren't endless either.

Noah consumed the first piece of higher energy to understand more about its nature and seized more of them from the dark star in front of him to deepen his understanding of the laws of creation.

Restoring the ma.s.sive sphere to its original power wasn't a problem since Noah could pour more darkness inside the cubical formation. He didn't even need to cast the Black Hole spell again since the gravitational pull made the star self-sufficient already.

Yet, his mind soon became used to those insights, and the higher energy stopped deepening his understanding of the laws that ruled it. He had experienced all the enlightenments that it could offer.

Noah began to experiment with the higher energy at that point. He would test it with his spells, eat it, and even using it as a material in his inscription methods.

Eating that dense and dark gas didn't give him much. Noah understood more about its structure before turning it into the primary energy that his body needed.

The experiments with the spells and the inscription methods though produced peculiar results.

The spells fueled by the higher energy wouldn't work at all, but Noah expected something like that to happen.

Noah had made his higher energy by creating an environment where his darkness would evolve naturally. He didn't have any specific feature in mind when he made it. He used the only method that worked.

Meanwhile, spells generally needed "Breath" to work. Adapting his abilities to his darkness had been a challenge already, and most of them had changed drastically too.

When pushed to a higher form, his darkness lost most of its destructive features and became something dense that wasn't suitable for his spells.

His higher energy was different from June's dark sparks and King Elbas' fuel.

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June had to replace the "Breath" with the dark sparks in her Perfect Circuit. Her higher energy was a pure source of power that stood far above her previous lightning.

Nevertheless, when it came to the Instability in his hands, Noah had only used the skin of a magical beast at the bottom of the fifth rank!

Also, the higher energy was far denser than his darkness. Noah had been able to put only a minute part of it in his sea of consciousness to complete the procedure required by the Elemental Forging method.

'I wasn't even sure if it could have reached the middle of the lower tier,' Noah thought as disbelief still lingered in his mind.

Noah had created a rank 5 inscribed item in the middle tier with only one basic material and a minute part of his higher energy.

That achievement was incredible, and it was connected to his latest creation. The fact that he could drastically improve the power of his final products just by adding his higher energy to his inscription methods wasn't something that he could ignore.

Noah repeated the forging multiple times to be sure that his miracle wasn't only a fluke caused by his recent enlightenments in the laws of creation. Still, the results were identical to his first Instability. He would create powerful items with materials on a far lower level.

'It might be the perfect tool for my creation,' Noah thought as he stared at the seven spiked spheres in front of him. 'The Elemental Forging method isn't even tuned for this type of energy. Just like my abilities with my hybrid status, my higher energy might not suit humans' inscription methods.'

Countless thoughts rose and fell apart while Noah pondered about the issue.

He had been initially disappointed that he couldn't imitate King Elbas and June in their usage of their higher energy. Yet, now he felt his hands itching to create more.

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