Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 905 905. Purity

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Chapter 905 905. Purity

Purity was everything in what Noah was attempting to do.

In the stars, nuclear fusion could eventually start using heavier elements if the temperature and gravity allowed it. Yet, Noah needed to limit the materials to his darkness.

He was trying to create a procedure that would naturally bring his "Breath" to a higher state. There couldn't be any impurity in that.

The Black Hole spell floated in the darkness as his gravitational pull started affecting the energy in the underground room. "Breath" began to flow toward the small dark sphere, but it didn't enter in it. It only remained on its surface where it acc.u.mulated.

Noah had to modify his spell to make it fit the requirements of his procedure. The modification didn't take long because he only had to remove some of the abilities of the dark sphere, but he still had to spend months on it since it was a rank 5 spell.

However, he had obtained what he needed in the end.

That version of the Black Hole spell didn't increase in size nor absorbed energy in its form. Noah had left only its gravitational pull and eased its connection with his mind.

Also, he had made sure that the dark sphere would continue working even after he severed his connection with it. It wouldn't be stable without his direct control, but it wouldn't weigh on his mind either in that way.

That was just a precaution since the spell wouldn't grow stronger with time. It didn't absorb energy anymore, so its power was fixed somewhere near the limits of the gaseous stage.

Still, Noah felt that it was better to play it safe when dealing with dangerous experiments. He didn't know what would come out of that procedure, but he was sure that it could be fatal to neglect some details.

Noah released more of his darkness as the spell kept on attracting it. He couldn't leave any s.p.a.ce in the underground area since he would risk attracting different types of "Breath".

The sphere needed to be pure, wholly made of his darkness. Letting impurities fuse with its form would be asking to destabilize it.

Layers of "Breath" gathered around the dark sphere. Noah's darkness condensed around it and flowed in a round motion as the gravitational pull kept it bound in that place.

Noah's eyes couldn't see it since the darkness in the air blocked the light radiated by the inscriptions on the walls. Yet, his mind could sense it.

The small sphere had already become a giant uneven orb that had a dense gas flowing around its center. However, it still failed to show the reaction that Noah wanted.

Noah didn't mind it. The fact that his "Breath" didn't cause any explosion showed how promising that procedure was already. His darkness would ama.s.s naturally around his spell and increase its density as more of it reached for the sphere.

'I wonder when it is going to have its gravitational pull,' Noah thought as he a.n.a.lyzed the energy ama.s.sed in front of him.

According to the physic that he had studied in his past life, gravity depended on the amount of ma.s.s acc.u.mulated in an area. Noah was trying to achieve that with his dense darkness, but he didn't know what level of density it had to reach before it could start making up for the limited features of his spell.

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After all, Noah wasn't an expert in that field. He was trying to imitate what usually happened in the stars with his poor knowledge.

Then, Noah felt a second traction force coming from the dense gases in front of him. The darkness attracted by his spell had finally reached the point where it could help in that procedure!

With two gravitational pulls together in one place, Noah didn't need to use his flames anymore. The "Breath" that kept on flowing inside that construct made the traction force become powerful enough to surpa.s.s the limits of the gaseous stage.

'It's about to become self-sufficient,' Noah exclaimed in his mind as he continued to pour "Breath" in the environment. He knew that it would come to a point where all his reserves of darkness would be gone, but he had to continue giving to the procedure only one material.

Everything would have been for nothing if he allowed some different form of energy into the spherical acc.u.mulation of his darkness.

The sphere's shape had become peculiar after its gravitational pull started. There would be some occasional flare as more energy condensed there, and its surface was continually rotating as if it was an actual star that was trying to come to life.

Eventually, Noah had to cut away his connection with the Black Hole spell because there was so much energy around it. That affected the link between Noah and his ability, even if it wasn't a direct connection.

The procedure though didn't stop. The spell still worked after losing its connection with Noah, and the gravitational pull of the darkness around it had already become self-sufficient.

Noah didn't need to do anything but to wait until the experiment required his flames again.

The hours pa.s.sed in the underground area as Noah waited for a change to appear in his darkness. It was only a matter of time before a significant event happened.

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