Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 894 894. Mark

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Chapter 894 894. Mark

Shandal's will could only remain silent when he heard Noah's words. It was his first time hearing about such a peculiar individuality.

Noah appeared as a madman who had gone crazy over his thirst for power in his eyes. After all, who could disregard the entire world to chase after the distant stars in the sky?

Yet, Noah had been calm during his speech, and his entire figure brimmed with cold confidence that the will couldn't help but notice.

Part of Shandal now understood how Noah's existence was able to spread Heaven and Earth's mistake in the world. His gestures, his words, and his att.i.tude were able to affect those around him and leave a mark in their existence.

Shandal could feel his ambition rise after hearing him. The peace that he had reached after so many years spent stuck in those Mortal Lands faltered for a second as he bathed in Noah's individuality.

Of course, his mind was firm and could restore the calmness that Noah had disrupted. Still, the fact that such a young cultivator could almost leave a mark on him was amazing.

Shandal could now comprehend why Noah wouldn't limit his individuality too. He couldn't hold back that boundless ambition that accompanied his every action. It was a drive that even a G.o.d would find it hard to suppress.

Also, if Noah managed to push that feeling to the divine ranks, he would become a real threat for Heaven and Earth's rule.

Shandal knew that it would be hard, but the confidence that he had felt in his words was enough to make him believe that maybe Noah had a shot at succeeding.

"Transmigration or not," Shandal said, "You would have been a monster anyway. Don't make me wait for your Tribulation. I can't wait to see what kind of lightning Heaven comes up with."

Noah didn't answer him. His mind was already wandering in the memories of the test of his att.i.tude in the Royal Academy.

He would never forget the feelings that he had experienced in his dream, and visualizing those images again could help him choose which item he had to pick. It was clear that each of his three choices would benefit him in some ways, but he couldn't decide on which one would be the best for him.

So, he would let his ambition decide.

Noah didn't lack resources or techniques in the end. Most of his projects were on hold because he was prioritizing his higher energy, but he was far from being without ideas on how to improve.

He would have an easier time choosing something if there was an item that improved his training, but the things related to the darkness element were fewer, and he didn't want to pick weapons or defensive methods.

Shandal could understand what was going on in his mind. After all, he had summoned him mainly to help him choose something that suited him.

"You seem to be doing well already," Shandal said while Noah was in the middle of reminiscing his dream. "You don't need a perfect item. Just pick the most interesting one."

Noah turned toward the will at that point and replied with a nod. Shandal was right. He was overthinking the matter because he wanted to optimize his journey to the higher ranks in the best way possible.

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Yet, he had failed to realize that he had already done that. Anything else would be something that enhanced qualities that were nearing perfection.

Noah left a few minutes after those words. The two of them didn't have anything else to talk about, and Shandal was very secretive for what concerned the Immortal Lands.

His take on the matter was just another method meant to force cultivators to grow on their own and develop laws that Heaven and Earth couldn't take. Kindling their curiosity could help in their journey.

When Noah returned to the throne room, he found his companions cultivating in silence and inspecting their new items with eager eyes.

They couldn't store them inside their s.p.a.ce-rings because something on that level would crack the formations used for the creation of their devices. Only June could save hers since the inscriptions on her tome only preserved its integrity.

June interrupted her meditation when she sensed his aura and revealed a smile toward him. Noah sat next to her and heaved a sigh. The talk with Shandal had been brief, but it had helped him discover something about the Immortal Lands, other than solving his doubts for what concerned his reward.

"What will you choose?" June asked when she saw that Noah's doubts had disappeared from his expression.

"The will made me realize that I'm not doing bad for my age," Noah replied.

"You are breaking a record with every breakthrough," June said. "I don't know if there is a way to train faster."

"I know," Noah agreed with her. "It would be different if there were Kesier runes here. Still, I'll take the diagram since it seems to contain an interesting spell. We have to pick something for Chasing Demon, and we are done here."

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