Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 890 890. Individualities

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Chapter 890 890. Individualities

The environment inside the central storm was a proper rank 6 danger zone.

During the breaks when Noah and June didn't focus only on themselves, they had inspected the outside world seen from the balcony of the room that they had occupied. What they saw confirmed their initial ideas. There were actual magical beasts in the sixth rank living in those regions.

Noah had been able to sense two of them from his position in the castle, but his instincts had told him that there were more of them. After all, the central areas where only a limited part of the entirety of the separate dimension, but they weren't small.

Also, that environment favored those existences and allowed them to feed on the "Breath" in the air more efficiently. That removed their need to hunt for more prey often and helped in the creation of harmony in that fauna.

Noah didn't believe that Shandal left such powerful creatures completely unchecked, but there were no signs of proper management either. He guessed that the G.o.d of the Empire or his will intervened only when a significant clash between two leaders was about to happen.

The Demons couldn't do much with that information, and even June found it useless for her cultivation journey. However, that was a fantastic discovery for Noah that didn't hesitate to memorize that place in his mind.

His list of promising hunting areas increased as he uncovered the secrets of his Mortal Lands. It was as if old monsters and powerful beasts hid everywhere humans didn't look too attentively.

His mind wandered as he and June finished explaining their discoveries to the Demons. He couldn't help but think about all the territories that he had overlooked and avoided due to his poor level.

All of a sudden, the old Capital of the Utra nation appeared mysterious and powerful. That city had survived through the millennia and had been inherited by all the Royal Dynasties. It was bound to hide something incredible behind its tall walls.

The fact that the Elbas family had mostly abandoned the Utra nation didn't necessarily mean that it was useless or empty now. The destructive effects of the dimensional portal had yet to spread through the entirety of the country in the end, and there were ways to hold them back.

The Capital wasn't the sole mysterious territory in his mind. Noah didn't forget to consider the core territories of the Empire and the entirety of the Papral nation in his reasoning.

Both countries had an incredible history. The center of the area of influence of the Empire had been the home of the oldest G.o.d in those Mortal Lands for millennia, and the Papral nation had seen the ascension of two G.o.ds just a bit more than a thousand years ago!

There were bound to be other secrets hidden throughout those lands, which could benefit his hybrid status or cultivation journey in general. The only issue was being powerful enough to explore them freely.

Luckily for him, the three invading forces were at war with the Empire. It would take years for the battles to resume, but Noah knew that he would be in the first lines, fighting to reach the depths of what had once been the home of the strongest organization in his world.

As for the Papral nation, that was Faith and Ravaging Demon's home. Noah could exploit his connection with his friend or join the inevitable invasion that the Hive would launch once it was strong enough to retaliate against the Demon's betrayal.

The Demons, June, and Noah enjoyed the wine and exchanged ideas concerning their current situation. Except for June, they all had a general idea regarding their companions' power, and they could point out the fields where they were lacking.

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That discussion aimed to give them a clear perspective over what they needed, even if they soon accepted the fact that any item in the castle would be too strong for them to handle.

The Demons stood up when Faith and Daniel returned, and Shandal's will appeared at the entrance of a corridor to point them the way toward a different room.

Noah inspected the two of them as they took the spot left by the Demons and began to drink too. Still, Faith noticed Noah's strange attention and proceeded to rea.s.sure him. "He helped us. Our paths were already going in the right direction, but he explained problems that I had noticed just recently."

Noah was inclined to trust Shandal since he knew about his transmigration. Yet, he wanted to make sure that the will didn't have a personal agenda hidden under the mission of defeating Heaven and Earth.

That didn't seem to be the case since both Faith and Daniel confirmed the authenticity of his help.

Of course, Noah couldn't just believe their words when the will of a G.o.d was involved. The two of them had to describe the pointers that Shandal had given them before he felt that he was really on their side.

Apparently, Faith would have eventually abandoned the system of Heaven and Earth due to her unwillingness to follow any authority or rule. Her peace would reach the point where the world around her willingly submitted to her pace.

As for Daniel, Shandal had revealed that he would have been outside of the system already if his individuality wasn't lacking. His purification needed a core that expressed the entirety of his existence. Daniel needed something to elevate to the divine.

It took three days for the two Demons to return, and they didn't withhold any information about their meeting either. As soon as they arrived, Flying Demon announced that he would inherit part of Shandal's individuality.

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