Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 888 888. Life

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Chapter 888 888. Life

Noah didn't mind the fact that the stuffed winged beasts had taken one of the available spots. There were two Ghostly Snakes in the group, which meant that they had two free items that they could choose for themselves.

Also, he didn't want to give up on the skin of a quasi-rank 7 creature. Noah didn't know what requirements his body would have once it reached the late tiers of the sixth rank, but body parts on that level were bound to be useful at that point.

The chance of taking items from Shandal's collection was incredible, but the group didn't explore the castle immediately. Each of them had something to take care of before searching for something that suited their situation.

Flying Demon felt interested in Shandal's offer. Still, he couldn't blindly accept part of the individuality of a being that had been stuck at the bottom of the seventh rank for millennia. He would study the matter with his lover before deciding what to do.

Faith and Daniel were excited about the possibility of obtaining something from the G.o.d's collection. Yet, the fact that they were still inside Heaven and Earth's system worried them.

They had already decided to have some private discussions with the will before choosing their reward.

The Ghostly Snakes remained still. Raphaelle was in the dull state caused by Dreaming Demon, and Joel understood his position. He knew that keeping his life was the best reward that he could hope for in that situation.

As for June, she shot toward one of the corridors without caring about the confused gazes of her companions.

Noah watched her leave and sighed. He knew that she was p.i.s.sed, and he was even aware of the reason behind her mood.

June couldn't deal with dishonesty. The betrayal of her family when she was a kid had left her with trust issues that she still hid in her direct personality.

Noah had founded his relations.h.i.+p with her on honesty. He knew that he had to be completely sincere to gain her trust and love. The only exceptions were the pieces of information that could hurt them if they ended up in the enemy's grasp.

His transmigration was definitely one of them. Noah couldn't even begin to imagine what the powerhouses would have done if they discovered that he could create flaws in Heaven and Earth's system when he was a human cultivator.

He could already imagine King Elbas turning him into a pendant meant to empower his bloodline in the eyes of the world.

Yet, the discovery that Noah had lived another life changed his image in June's mind.

All of a sudden, he wasn't only the aloof kid with a difficult childhood that had learnt to love her anymore. He was also someone else. A person that she had never met and that he had kept hidden from her.

'To think that our first fight would be over this,' Noah sighed again as he started to walk in June's direction.

He didn't believe that the discovery of his transmigration would lead to them breaking up. Their feelings were too deep to vanish or be tainted over something like that.

Still, it was a matter than Noah had to address and explain adequately. Otherwise, there was the chance that he could lose June.

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Noah strolled. June had disappeared inside the castle, but she had left a trail of her scent through the corridors. Finding her wasn't an issue for him, but he decided to approach her position slowly so that she could have some time to think alone.

June trembled a little when she heard those words, but a lightning bolt soon shot from her back and landed once again on Noah's chest.

Noah gladly accepted the attack and waited for the noise caused by the clash to fade to speak again. "I've lived for a little more than two decades in my previous world before being killed by mistake. Yet, I now know that I didn't live there. My life started when my ambition appeared."

A tremor swept June, but there was no spark nor lightning bolt at that time. She remained silent as she played his words again inside her mind.

"There wasn't any cultivation in my old world, but it wasn't too different from this one," Noah continued. "Money was power, and you could only stick to the system if you didn't have it. Birthright ruled in many fields, and true freedom was an idea that many humans ignored."

"Who were you there?" June asked without turning to look at him.

"A dreamless outcast," Noah answered as he entered the room and neared her. "That society wasn't nice toward those that couldn't blend with its rules. I was ready to settle for a simple life to have a small amount of freedom."

June turned at that point, and Noah could sense her sadness when she spoke. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"It was too dangerous and too unbelievable," Noah said as he stopped right in front of her. "Also, I was born together with my ambition. Anything before that wasn't my life."

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