Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 842 842. Break

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The remains of the army eventually decided to build an encampment around the stele.

It wasn't just a matter of studying the trace left by a divine ent.i.ty. The cultivators with a water apt.i.tude wanted to use that structure to improve their understanding of their element and solidify their individuality.

A large number of heroic cultivators moved from the domains of the three nations to join the army that had discovered that incredible structure. After all, water cultivators were quite ordinary in the world, and all of them requested to see the stele.

Meanwhile, the rank 5 cultivators made a point of their situation.

They hadn't expected the Empire to lay such a trap, and they paid the price for underestimating it. Only the Hive counted more than ten casualties among the a.s.sets in the fourth rank, which was quite depressing considering that it had deployed only twenty-five of them for that battle.

The rest of them were all injured, with some of them so severely that they had to return to the southwestern coast to receive specialized treatments.

The Elders in the fifth rank were relatively fine. Elder Austin, Elder Justin, Daniel, and Amos had touched the multicolored light, but it only caused a few burns on their skin.

As for the human a.s.sets, the losses were simply uncountable.

"Years of acc.u.mulation and growth wasted because of a paranoid G.o.d!" Elder Austin exclaimed as he gulped a cup of wine before smearing some Primordial Ice on the burns on his legs. "Who even sets a self-destruct mechanism that doesn't spoil the resource of a land? I could almost think that the Empire was expecting something like this to happen."

All the rank 5 Elders of the Hive had gathered in an inscribed tent to discuss their next move, but they had ended up expressing their annoyance toward that sly organization.

"The other forces lost far more than us," Daniel said as he swept his cup with his aura before drinking from it. "I guess we are lucky to have deployed fewer troops than them."

He was injured too. His right arm was completely charred, but a thick layer of Primordial Ice covered that limb and was already quickening its recovery. The Elbas family had provided that resource freely after the explosion, so all the injured were using it.

Elder Austin snorted before refilling his cup with some wine and drinking it all in one gulp. Then, he complained in a loud voice again. "The luck of the underdog! We have lost decades of progress in a single battle, and you talk about luck. There is no victory in losing less than your enemies. The real victory is in the gains that we manage to reap thanks to those losses."

Daniel could only nod at his words.

Casualties were inevitable, especially when facing a nation that had been at the peak of those Mortal Land for millennia. Yet, if the invaders managed to gain something that would boost their growth as organizations, they would see those losses as a fair price to pay.

Noah remained silent as they conversed. The Elders didn't treat Daniel or Amos coldly anymore, but they were starting to show some trust toward those two n.o.bles.

It would take time for the Udye family to become a part of the Hive. However, the Elders had already changed their behavior toward them.

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Daniel and Amos had fought together with them in the end. The world would label them as actual members of the Hive now that they had worn its robes in front of the other nations. There was no turning back from that.

His choice wasn't random. He would need decades to complete his other projects, and he didn't want to be interrupted when he was preparing for his next series of experiments.

Seclusion and long periods of meditation were usually the best approaches for ent.i.ties on his level, but gathering experiences had the priority since he could express his individuality freely. That was in line with the requirements to advance once reached the fifth rank, and Noah had long felt that his dantian was improving.

Noah began to forge living weapons again, even if there weren't rank 4 cultivators available for their purchase. The recent losses had left a lot of living weapons behind, but very few cultivators able to wield them.

It was finally his turn with the sixth Kesier rune at some point, and his days suddenly became hectic. He couldn't waste that opportunity to improve his mental sphere as much as he could, especially with the breakthrough of his body drawing close.

A bit more than a year pa.s.sed in that situation.

The territory with the stele had become quite crowded in that short period. The arrival of the new troops helped their armies to reform, but they had to summon human cultivators personally since they couldn't travel alone through the new continent.

Also, the cultivators of the Elbas family were developing an item that could block eventual explosions of buildings in the future.

The war was about to start again, and the invaders wouldn't stop until the Empire didn't have any domain left in the new continent at that time.

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