Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 807 807. Holding back

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Loud moans resounded in the mansion inside the separate dimension.

Noah had made sure to send away Thirty-seven and to announce that he would take a month's break from the creation of living weapons to memorize his role in the dual-cultivation modified by June.

Of course, he stopped training only when he approached the seven days treatment since June required his presence for the entirety of that period.

On the other hand, June had made sure to warn her family and the Royals. It would have been troublesome if they summoned her during the procedure.

Noah touched specific spots of his lover's naked body and poured small bits of his "Breath" inside the cores of the formation that she had drawn on her skin. The s.h.i.+ning lines around them reacted every time part of his energy dispersed inside her and helped in modifying it so that she could absorb it.

June couldn't keep her eyes open nor hold back her voice during that treatment. It seemed that the creator of that inscription method had some hidden intentions since the body of the cultivators receiving energy would be sensitive during the procedure.

Noah had to keep his cool and focus on injecting the right amount of "Breath" in each specific spot with precise timing while his lover almost screamed in pleasure. What was heaven for June was basically h.e.l.l for him since he couldn't vent the arousal that built inside him.

Yet, Noah kept going, using his powerful mind to control his body and prevent it from fall prey to his instincts. For the first time in his life, he felt glad that his body was still in the middle tier even after feeding it for so many years.

The week eventually pa.s.sed, and the formation on both floor and June's body shone together at that point. She felt part of her "Breath" changing form and taking features that didn't match her usual energy as the light swept her.

Then, a black spark appeared in her hand while she was still lying exhausted on the floor.

Noah had promptly left the formation when the procedure ended and was inspecting the unique spark floating in her palm. He noticed that its aura carried properties similar to his individuality, but it was completely different at the same time too.

'What a reckless inscription method.' Noah thought as he kept his eyes on the black spark.

Modifying the nature of someone's "Breath" could ruin their potential and endanger the integrity of their individuality. He would have never gone through that process if June wasn't sure that it was her only way to create a cultivation technique in the fifth rank.

"I'm sorry," June whispered as she lifted her tired eyelids to shoot a loving glance at him. "You have to hold back for a little more."

Noah left after her words. He would have liked to help her since she was quite weak after the procedure, but he had reached his limit long ago and couldn't hold back if he remained in her same room.

When he came out, he announced that he would resume creating weapons and started to cultivate almost immediately.

His cultivation speed had increased once again, but his mind was a mess. Images of June's naked body kept on appearing in his vision, and the sound of her moans echoed in his ears. He really was at his limit.

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His announcement though helped in keeping him busy and slowly suppress the arousal that had acc.u.mulated in that week. The heroic a.s.sets of the Hive had filled him with requests in just a few minutes, and he waited for his training to end before starting to create living weapons again.

Normally, he would just spend them with June, but she was still in seclusion inside the mansion, and he didn't want to disturb her.

The idea behind Elder Austin's weapon was rather simple. Explosiveness was a feature that even wild Beast Cores could understand and put into use, but Noah wanted to create something in line with the Elder's individuality.

After all, his current version of the living weapons couldn't grow, which meant that he had to do something unique. Otherwise, the Elder would just stop using it after he advanced between the stages of the fifth rank.

Noah decided to create a metallic glove made from the scales and lungs of a rank 5 Black Dragon once he had an idea of how hard it was to create a living weapon at that level.

The creation was a success, and Elder Austin traveled toward Noah's mansion to test his new weapon as soon as he could. The glove wouldn't just spit flames. It had a series of containers inside its fabric that allowed it to store and condense "Breath" of the fire element. The Elder could then decide when to release that energy and create an offensive that would make most rank 5 cultivators in the gaseous stage run away.

Ideally, Noah would have done the weapon with a conscious Core and added more features that only an intelligent will could handle. Yet, it was too hard to obtain suitable specimens at that level, and he didn't want to risk the revolt of a living being in the fifth rank.

A few weeks after Elder Austin took the clove and left, the aura of a rank 5 cultivator spread from inside the mansion.

Noah turned only to see June wearing her usual orange robe but having dark sparks appearing on her skin from time to time. She had finally become a cultivator in the fifth rank.

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