Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 77 - 77. Venting

Report Chapter

The soldiers from the Noorge family arrived and joined the battle.

The soldiers from the Balvan group separated into two troops, one attacking the moles and one defending Fabian and Neil.

Lena was right beside Trevor sending water bullets on the beast in front of her.

The two families didn't fight each other but chose to kill as many magical beasts they could before the leader of the pack was found.

It was momentarily useless to start a battle between themselves and there was some hesitation on both sides in attacking the soldiers of another family.

After all, the people here were the most prominent figures in the younger generation of the families, killing some of them might lead to future frictions between their n.o.ble houses.

Therefore, unless it was absolutely necessary like in the case of the appearance of the leader of the beasts, they would rather focus on increasing the kill count to have better chances to obtain the coordinates of the second stage than fight each other.

Noah didn't know the specifics of the method to receive the coordinates but the report said that it depended on the number of beasts killed in the case a pack was divided between two different groups, so he decided to storm the area.

'I believe they already know that I have plenty of battle experience so going all out should not be a problem. The important thing is to keep a.s.sea hidden.'

He surely could have held back but the truth was that he didn't care enough to do so.

In the last year and a half, he had to endure the constant mocking of the siblings while mourning his mother's death, all he wanted to do was to vent and these fake beasts were the perfect targets for his anger.

Noah ran freely in the pack of moles that kept on coming out from the ground, their number had already surpa.s.sed the fifty specimens!

However, most of them were simple rank 2 beasts with few of them being rank 3.

Noah ran from rank 3 to rank 3 killing every other weaker beast on his road with a single attack.

The guards protecting the descendants stared with their mouths open at the kid running carelessly among the pack.

Every rank 2 beast that he pa.s.sed would find its body divided into two pieces and when he finally reached a rank 3, he would unleash a torrent of black wind slashes until its defenses were destroyed.

Even Fabian and Neil stared astonishedly as he killed the third rank 3 magical beast without even sweating.

Lena and Trevor were definitely doing their part having taken down six rank 3 beasts, but they were working together and had the backup of the other soldiers around them.

Lena gave a look to Noah and had to admit that his battle experience far surpa.s.sed hers.

'Why does he seems so unsatisfied though?'

Noah was relentless, he never stopped for a second in his search for better opponents.

'I've seen a man fight a dragon! I survived the snores of a rank 5 beast! You are too weak!'

He was venting all his acc.u.mulated irritation to the pack looking for a battle that could satisfy him.

It had to be said that his martial art was perfect for dealing with large groups of enemies of low level, his attacks were fast and precise, and the rank 3 beasts had only the strength of the initial stage so they weren't that much of a threat.

The soldiers from the Noorge family were losing their morale.

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They could keep up with Trevor and Lena killing speed but with Noah's presence, they were falling behind in the number of beasts vanquished.

The blows were stronger than before and for the first time, he became wary of the rank 2 beasts.

'Did their power increase? How is it possible? Wait, don't tell me...'

He deflected again and pierced two rank 2 moles with his sabers while retreating.

'This is a test, right? So the appearance of the leader must have triggered something in their patterns. It should be a signal that the first stage reached its climax, at least for us.'

He pondered for a long time still immersed in the pack.

'A test should have points to evaluate its partic.i.p.ants, so let's say that each beast killed gives to a group some points since it's the only variable here. I can't reach the leader any time soon anyway so I should focus on dealing with the pack, maybe we can get the coordinates through quant.i.ty rather than quality.'

There were around forty empowered moles around him of both rank 2 and rank 3.

'Anyhow, losing the early ingress on the second stage doesn't concern me. My objective is to find a way to escape, not to fight for some random inheritance.'

Dealing with the pack gave him also more chances to hide a.s.sea as he was sure that he would not need it if he was careful.

As he decided in his mind his next course of action he didn't waste time anymore.

He took a deep breath and slashed with his sabers at an unimaginable speed.

More than twenty black slashes appeared in the air from his position.

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