Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 757 757. Change

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The drawing wasn't exactly precise, but Noah couldn't be mistaken about what he was seeing.

The vegetation that had grown there through the years and the influence of the magical beasts had modified that environment, altering the original shape of those lines. Yet, some of them had survived the pa.s.sage of time and the natural influences, leaving a few distinct images that anyone could see.

Noah wasn't satisfied with just that drawing. He dived back on the ground and began to uproot any plant in the area that featured those basic inscriptions.

More lines appeared as he scanned the terrain. They carried a faint sense of durability, which had mostly faded since the ancestors had probably inscribed them a while back.

Noah could see how they appeared to be part of a large drawing meant to remain hidden under the structure that had occupied that territory.

'Pieces of history covered by the natives with their buildings.' Noah thought as the entirety of that ruined drawing unfolded in his vision.

Of course, that was purely hypothetical. Noah couldn't be sure about the origin of those lines, nor why the ruins of what appeared to be a castle covered them. Yet, they depicted mysterious images that had to mean something when coupled with the strangeness of that world.

Noah managed to find more almost complete figures when he uncovered the entirety of the remaining lines. He found more drawings depicting strange hybrids that had physical features belonging to both the human and that beasts' world.

He saw a human shape with a fish's head, a strange octopus that had arms instead of tentacles, and a creepy wolf that had three human skulls.

'This doesn't make any sense.' Noah exclaimed in his mind as he kept on floating above the drawing.

He knew that the ancestors were hybrid-like beings, but those images hinted to something completely different.

'Such lifeforms can't appear naturally,' Noah thought, 'Or can they?'

Noah didn't know what to believe anymore.

The new Mortal Lands opened him to the possibilities that there were other types of humans and beasts and that species that resembled hybrids had appeared naturally. So, he didn't have the confidence in a.s.suming that such imperfect creatures couldn't appear on their own.

June and Faith arrived after they understood that something was wrong, and they felt his same amazement when they saw the drawings.

"What do you think?" June asked as she turned to look at Noah.

She could immediately find a connection between those images and Noah's peculiar body since she knew about its features. Also, she had seen how the bloodlines desired him.

There had to be a connection between their past, the hybrids, and Noah's body-nouris.h.i.+ng method. Still, her knowledge in the matter was too limited to make suppositions. Only Noah could know more about it since he was an expert in the magical beasts' field, other than a peculiar existence similar to the ancestors.

However, Noah could only shake his head at that question.

He didn't know what to think, but he knew that he had to discover more about the topic and that his efforts alone wouldn't be enough to obtain answers quickly.

Noah picked his special notebook and began to add his discoveries to the list. He even conveyed the entirety of the drawings on the ground.

The cultivators of his world already knew about the ancestors' features. He wasn't risking anything by revealing that. Instead, informing the other experts might help him find answers.

After all, that wasn't a small matter. It was the proof that the six bloodlines were holding back part of their history.

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It was needless to say that Noah, June, and Faith received countless mental messages in the following minutes. The leaders and the various experts wanted to know everything about that discovery to better work with it.

Also, Noah's discovery made them agree that it was time to show their hand.

Four rank 5 cultivators crossed the portal and arrived in the new world in the following months.

They weren't existences in the gaseous stage. They were either in the liquid or solid stage in the fifth rank!

The four factions felt challenged when they discovered that the Elite humans had lied to them and decided to put aside their divergences to focus on showing their power.

The arrival of those new a.s.sets forced the bloodlines to release the cultivators that they had held captive in that period, but some of them were still in the middle of the mating sessions.

Nevertheless, the forces from Noah's world felt that the Elite humans had broken their agreements, so they decided to show how serious they were.

About three years after the arrival of the rank 5 reinforcements, the fissure under the volcano enlarged and destroyed part of the items that hid its presence.

The ground shook, and the magma boiled during that event, but the cultivators guarding the pa.s.sage didn't act to stop those tremors. Instead, they wore stern expressions as they waited for the arrival of one of the most potent a.s.sets that their world had to offer.

A woman with brown hair, s.h.i.+ning green eyes, and a youthful appearance crossed the fissure and took a deep breath when she reached the other world.

She spread her consciousness to a.n.a.lyze the area, and a series of scared cries resounded in the nearby territories as the beasts living there felt the immense danger carried by those mental waves.

The cultivators waiting for her arrival bowed and shouted greetings toward the rank 6 existence that had joined their quest. "We welcome G.o.d's Left Hand to the new world!"

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