Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 755 755. Discoveries

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Noah, June, and Faith resumed their training in the method acquired from the Duron Bloodline.

Faith improved faster than the couple since her existence didn't commit any major crime against Heaven and Earth. However, even she met some issues along the way.

She had overcome the three Tribulations, which was already an act of defiance even if they were rules of the world.

She was on the path to becoming an ent.i.ty outside of the Heaven and Earth's domain, just like every heroic cultivator. So, the will absorbed with the training method self-destructed in her mental sphere too. It only lasted longer in that foreign environment.

Yet, the three of them weren't in a hurry, and they didn't want to risk an injury because of their eagerness to wield that new power.

The two worlds were momentarily at peace, and the trio was outside of the bloodlines' domain. There wasn't anything left to do other than wait for more troops to cross the portal.

Deploying more troops though was a complicated matter, and the capacity of the portal wasn't the only problem in that topic.

King Elbas was doing his best to improve the pa.s.sage as fast as he could, but there were political situations in the other world that the four forces couldn't just ignore.

Sending more cultivators in the new Mortal Lands would leave their borders undefended. That slowed down the creation of agreements concerning the number of a.s.sets to deploy.

After all, the Hive had almost reached its limit after it sent more rank 4 a.s.sets in the mating sessions. Its forces consisted only of about seventy rank 4 cultivators and seven ent.i.ties in the fifth rank.

The width of its territory was almost half that of the three big nations, but those factions had far more available troops even with larger domains.

The Hive was surely growing at an unbelievable speed. Still, it would take time to make it reach a point where it could feel confident in sending more heroic a.s.sets through the portal.

The other nations didn't want to see their defenses becoming weaker either, which ended up slowing down the arrivals of new troops further.

Of course, Noah didn't care about the political matters between the four factions, and June seemed to feel the same way.

They were finally together in a place where they could train and love each other in the open. An unknown world was in front of them too, and they could explore it without restrictions.

To put it simply, they weren't so eager to go back to their factions.

Faith seemed to share that feeling since she adapted to the new environment rather quickly. She would spend a large part of her time training, but she would ask June for a spar from time to time.

Noah would watch their battles from time to time, but he found himself quite busy in that period. He often explored the areas around the forest to find powerful magical beasts to hunt, and he consumed a lot of time absorbing Heaven and Earth's will since it kept on self-destructing when it entered his mind.

The Divine Deduction technique helped him gathering information, but his improvements were still slow since he never managed to contain the will for long periods.

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He often spent intimate moments with June too. The two of them would just leave for deeper parts of the forest at random moments, and Faith would giggle every time she saw that happening.

The experts from Noah's world knew that, but they were far more advanced when it came to most aspects of the cultivation world.

The natives were aware of the properties of many materials in their world, and they had spent centuries learning how to make them express their full potential. Yet, Noah's world had various inscription methods that could be applied even in fields like alchemy, which didn't strictly require them.

The experts took note of the mutagen's aggression too, but that behavior came from the laws inside it. There was a need for heroic cultivators on a far higher level to study it.

Months pa.s.sed like that, with the three of them contributing to the development of their world while still focusing on their power.

The new mating sessions eventually gave birth to more children. No Elite humans appeared at that time, but there weren't even Flawed humans in the more than forty newborns.

The numbers though didn't dishearten the bloodlines since they knew how small the chances actually were to produce humans like them.

Nevertheless, it was now clear that they could completely overcome the biggest weakness of their society. They just needed time for the new generations to replace all the Flawed humans, which would eventually disappear as that trend continued.

Even years pa.s.sed eventually, and the trio began to venture deeper into the beasts' territory since it was still dangerous to return to the volcano.

Their goal was to find the remains of the past civilizations when the ancestors were still ruling those Mortal Lands. They hoped to gain more from the dead since the living didn't want to disclose their secrets.

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