Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 752 752. Wilderness

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By the time the cultivators realized what had happened during the appearance of the ma.s.sive beast, Noah had already exited the dome.

Escaping the castle had been incredibly easy. Most of the forces in the heroic ranks had gathered in the corridor, and the materials that made its walls blocked the mental energy.

Also, the corrosive smoke of his partial Demonic Form had allowed him to create a path through the walls and the dome with a few simple slashes.

The weakness of that society was that it built everything to fend off magical beasts, but the offensive of a cultivator could pierce its defensive measures quite easily. Noah was even a peculiar being that could rely on all his centers of power to express his might.

Of course, the awful smell that targeted the magical beasts still annoyed him, but he could destroy it quickly with his individuality.

His feelings fueled his destruction, and the continuous exposure to the bloodlines' scents had made him exceptionally mindful of their power. Yet, his survival instinct when it came to those smells had also improved in those months.

He could now sense their arrival before they could even get near his body.

Noah flew high in the sky as he exited the dome and activated the Dark Cover spell as he sped in the direction of the defensive walls of the region.

He had no intention of returning to the volcano, not for the time being, at least.

He had made sure that his Blood Companion didn't kill anyone, but he didn't know how the situation was evolving inside the castle. Nevertheless, it was better to ask for forgiveness in a safe place rather than being innocent but in chains.

If he returned to the volcano, there was a chance that the leaders would force him to become a prisoner to make up for his sudden escape. However, he could altogether avoid any form of punishment if he just waited for his world to deploy more a.s.sets in those Mortal Lands.

Meanwhile, he could just train in the wilderness outside the defensive walls, which he was sure wouldn't have any trace of the six bloodlines.

'They can handle their political matters,' Noah thought as he flew undisturbed in the sky, 'I'll just focus on learning their training method and gathering powerful magical beasts.'

It wasn't his first time alone, and he probably was the only existence in both worlds that could feel confident in surviving in wilderness ruled by Elite beasts.

Most of the powerful a.s.sets of that world were either inside the castle or in the other regions, so he was reasonably sure that no one would be able to follow him. Yet, he felt incredibly surprised when he sensed that two presences had appeared behind him and were catching up with his position.

Noah's first instinct was to escape. Those existences were faster than him, which meant that their cultivation level had to be higher than his.

However, his endurance was terrific, and he had countless methods that could help him reaching the lands outside of the human domain before they managed to catch him.

His eyes widened though when he saw the figures that were reaching him.

It wasn't hard to recognize them. They belonged to two women that he knew far too well.

One of them was his lover, while the other was the most beautiful woman that he had ever seen.

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June and Faith stopped right before him and continued to fly in a straight line while following his trajectory.

Noah pierced the clouds as he flew in a straight line toward the defensive walls.

The journey would typically take one month if he used his average speed, but he managed to exit the human domain in only two weeks thanks to the continuous activation of his martial art.

Of course, he had to alternate between his dantian and Liquid Dantian to travel for so long without exhausting himself, and he even had to stop using the martial art from time to time. Yet, he managed to halve the time required to exit that region with that method.

As for the two women that he carried along with him, he barely noticed their weight.

Noah didn't stop after he crossed the defensive walls and continued to use that method to travel deep into the beasts' territory, trying to avoid any powerful creature that he sensed along the way.

Faith began to struggle when she saw that Noah wasn't going back to the volcano, but she quickly quieted down when she sensed the aura protecting her suddenly turning hostile.

Then, after they flew in that way for another month, Noah decided that they had put enough distance with the bloodlines and landed in a forest filled by peculiar trees with large, blue leaves.

Noah threw both women on the ground and wielded his sabers without hesitation. He had already considered the possibility of killing Faith along the way, but he felt forced to suppress that thought because June was with her too.

Faith could act as a witness and report the fact that there wasn't any secret relations.h.i.+p going on. After all, she had already defended Noah once. Nevertheless, he still had a façade to maintain, even if he was glad that June hadn't remained in the Elite human's grasp.

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