Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 748 748. Children

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Noah condensed part of his mental energy in the form of thick layers that would act as a filter to isolate the will of Heaven and Earth from the "Breath". Then, he activated the first part of the training method.

His mental energy spread in the environment and attached itself to the "Breath" that it touched, only to be pulled back toward his mind when he retracted it.

Human cultivators would have to use most of their mental energy just to drag a small amount of that "Breath". Instead, Noah could gather all the energy contained in the room since his consciousness was powerful enough.

The layers of mental energy exited his mental sphere and surrounded its walls to create a filter for the incoming "Breath".

Of course, he had built those layers in the specific way described in the method, and only after his a.n.a.lysis had led to the conclusion that those structures were harmless.

The "Breath" struggled to cross the layers, but Noah's consciousness continued to pull while making sure that the filters remained intact.

It took a while, but, in the end, small particles reached the other side of the layers and used his half-transparent figure to cross the walls of his mental sphere.

The insides of Noah's sea of consciousness were quite crowded. There were the five Kesier runes, the Lazy whale's figure, his saber-shaped rune, the wills for his spells, and a large number of spherical runes that contained primary energy.

Noah needed them to keep enlarging his mental sphere, and he could consider himself satisfied with the result that he had reached.

He was expecting the arrival of the Heaven and Earth's will to increase the internal pressure in his mind further. Yet, when those particles entered his mind, he only felt a stream of confused information filling his thoughts.

Noah felt momentarily lost as those foreign thoughts tried to take over his mind. It was as if the will were giving confused orders to the energy inside his mind!

Yet, he was still a rank 5 mage who had stressed his mind beyond the conventional limits.

His brown mental energy surged and isolated the wills that struggled to escape that encirclement. Nevertheless, they didn't have any real power once they lost their grip on Noah's energy.

The situation inside his sphere stabilized in a matter of instants, and Noah could finally observe the true nature of the will once he rea.s.sembled those small particles together.

It wasn't exactly material, but it wasn't ethereal either. The will was utterly invisible, and it seemed to lack any kind of fabric as it floated in the barrage of mental energy that isolated it.

It was as if Noah's mind couldn't turn that substance into something that he could see with any of his senses. He could only perceive its peculiar aura.

Noah felt a strange sensation whenever the aura tried to affect the functioning of his mental energy.

His instincts told him that there was something profound hidden inside that aura, but he didn't delude himself into thinking that he could uncover its secrets. After all, the will was nothing more than a series of messy and broken laws that he had forcefully taken away from the "Breath" around him.

Of course, he had used the version of the method fitting for the level of his mind. He had created the filters with his mental energy, so the purity of the will was quite high.

Something on that level would have taken control of any human mage's mind.

'I still can't grasp laws.' Noah thought as he looked at the empty s.p.a.ce where the will was.

He had yet to express the entirety of his individuality with his centers of power, so the fact that he couldn't see anything didn't surprise him. Nevertheless, having the answers to his problems right in front of him made him feel restless.

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'How do I reproduce something so pure though…' Noah thought before activating the Divine Deduction technique.

The natives of that world based their survival on the number of Elite humans in their ranks. Their society had focused the mating sessions for so many years that they had created specific techniques to improve the procedure.

They could forcibly increase the fertility of certain existences for a short period, and they could even shorten the time required for a pregnancy. Also, they had learnt how to increase the chances of pa.s.sing down their bloodline, even if that wasn't always effective.

Yet, when the official announcement came, even the cultivators of Noah's world could understand how amazing that outcome was.

Danielle, Lorie, and other female members of the Duron Bloodline had given birth to a total of thirty children, and one of them was an Elite Human!

Nevertheless, that wasn't the most surprising part.

The six bloodlines were speechless to discover that the other twenty-nine children weren't Flawed humans but were instead humans like the natives of Noah's world!

Of course, they had their methods to test that, and they had even been perfected through the years. Yet, they still performed them multiple times to be sure of that result.

It seemed that the humans from Noah's world could suppress the appearance of Flawed humans and that immediately became a priority of the six bloodlines.

Natives reached the castle and requested the envoys to seal pacts and agreements, and even Noah wasn't left alone after that discovery.

The four factions on the volcano though had understood that the situation was escaping their control and decided to send their leaders forward.

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