Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 744 744. Blood

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Not even ten minutes had pa.s.sed since the beginning of the meeting, but the representatives of the Duron Bloodline had already requested to add the cultivators from Noah's world to their mating sessions.

"We would only test the procedures with the highest chance of producing complete cultivators." Danielle continued to explain. "So, ten men from your world should be enough. Also, it would be better if they were all heroic cultivators."

Noah and the others felt simply lost at their request.

They had come there intending to exchange resources, and maybe even a few secrets concerning their training methods. However, they suddenly realized that the natives were more interested in s.e.xual partners.

'They underestimate us.' Noah thought.

It wasn't hard to understand what had gone through the natives' minds after he explained how his world worked.

The cultivators of that world had stronger bodies and peculiar training methods that enhanced the capabilities of their minds. Those features in the six bloodlines created cultivators that were generally stronger than those in Noah's world.

Danielle and the other members of her family believed that their only weakness was their lack of complete cultivators since they felt superior to their guests in any other aspect.

Still, learning that all the humans in Noah's world had three centers of power gave them hope in improving their chances of giving birth to complete cultivators.

Their reasoning was simple. Using better materials could increase the quality of the final product. In the same way, the union between better cultivators could improve the quality of their offspring.

In the worst case, they would still obtain complete cultivators, even if inferior to those carrying the features of their bloodline.

Noah didn't mind their offer as long as he could obtain the training methods in exchange. The only issue was that he didn't have the authority to accept that request.

"What would you offer in exchange?" Noah asked.

It was pointless to contact the rank 5 cultivators in the volcano when they didn't know if the Duron Bloodline was willing to give away something valuable. It was better to obtain a complete view of their world and their resources before leaving the decision to the leaders.

"What do you want?" Danielle asked, and Noah didn't hesitate to list everything that he had in mind.

"Training methods for each center of power, inscription methods, the complete history of your world, and a list of the precious materials with their respective uses," Noah said. "Oh, I wish to see even all the researches of your ancestors. It doesn't matter if they concern the humans or the magical beasts."

Danielle and the other natives couldn't possibly imagine that, when it came to negotiations, Noah didn't hold back in the slightest. He had basically asked for anything that those Mortal Lands had to offer!

Of course, complaints followed Noah's request, but there was something that the envoys learnt among those loud discussions: The members of the Duron Bloodline didn't know what the inscriptions were.

They didn't understand the topic even when Noah provided a few examples and mentioned their ability to control the "Breath" in the environment.

According to their explanations, they simply added specific functions to suitable materials through their minds.

That was the only form of inscription that they were capable of doing. It was a basic type of formation that used raw materials instead of lines.

Danielle held back many details when she described their method, but the envoys soon lost interest in it.

It was just a rudimentary form of inscription in their view, and it seemed to be heavily dependent on the precious materials used in the process. Their world had similar methods, but it also had others that completely surpa.s.sed the limits dictated by the materials.

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Noah was able to understand how limited the natives were better than others since his inscription methods covered both aspects of that field.

The fact that two rank 5 cultivators had just appeared in his room didn't scare him. He was expecting them to make a move.

"We did find a way in which you can help us," Danielle said as the three of them crossed the wall and filled the room with their auras.

The atmosphere became tense, but Noah didn't show the slight trace of anxiety in his expression. His mind was focused on their actions and mental waves, ready to act in case they tried something strange.

"For your information," Florent began to speak, "We will collaborate peacefully as long as you don't cheat us with some unknown method."

The corners of Noah's mouth curved into a smile when he heard those words, but that expression didn't radiate any positive feeling. There was only a sharp aura that prevented those powerful existences from understanding what he was thinking about.

Lorie inevitably trembled at his aura, and even the rank 5 cultivators could only stop to underestimate him at that point. Noah seemed ready to go all out at any moment, and they couldn't risk losing the only being similar to their ancestors because of their arrogance.

"For your information," Noah said once he made sure that they weren't underestimating him. "I will collaborate peacefully only if I'm satisfied with what you are offering."

"Remember that you owe me one!" Danielle quickly said.

Yet, Noah was even quicker with his reply. "Then, the first trade is free, but it will cover any future visit in my lover's room."

Danielle nodded, and Noah relaxed a bit before asking what they needed from him.

"Your blood," Danielle answered.

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