Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 743 743. Power

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Danielle accompanied Noah back to his room before using the guards inside the castle to announce the beginning of the meeting.

She had found something in her ancestors' records that could make use of Noah's peculiar body, but she wanted to wait for the meeting to end before negotiating with him in private.

The guards led the envoys in another hall in a deeper part of the castle, and cultivators in the heroic ranks began to appear as they reached for those areas.

The envoys quickly understood that Danielle was simply showing the power of her region, but they weren't so impressed since all those cultivators had only two centers of power.

Yet, they still saw more than forty of them, which made Noah and the others reevaluate the actual power of the humans of that world.

There was one feature that they didn't consider at the beginning, but that they felt forced to acknowledge when they saw all those heroic a.s.sets. Humans with only two centers of power would be weaker than ordinary cultivators, but they would also have an easier path toward the higher ranks.

The absence of their dantian made their training far quicker since they could focus only on their bodies and minds.

'I wonder how strong they actually are.' Noah thought as he inspected those powerful guards.

The number of heroic a.s.sets of the Duron Bloodline could almost match the Hive, even if they were bound to be weaker. Yet, Noah and the others knew that they saw only what Danielle was willing to show them.

They had yet to see other cultivators with three centers of power, and they didn't believe for even a second that Danielle was the only one in the castle.

Also, they could imagine how those carrying her same bloodline would receive the best treatment that the world had to offer. After all, they were the real power of the human society, as well as the only ones who could pa.s.s down the three centers of power.

'Six bloodlines fight the endless tide of magical beasts together. Our world should be stronger, but only when considering the entirety of its heroic a.s.sets.' Noah thought as he sat around the large table placed at the center of that vast hall.

Even if each bloodline were as strong as the Hive, they would still be inferior to his world in terms of heroic a.s.sets. However, the fact that they were united as a force made them threatening.

Also, Noah didn't know if they had rank 6 cultivators, and they were the a.s.sets that would determine the power of that world.

The envoys sat on his sides, and Danielle took the seat on the opposite edge. Guards in the heroic ranks began to bring wine and other delicacies, but the envoys were too amazed to focus on them for now.

They had never seen heroic cultivators being treated as servants. They were all humans without a dantian, but they were still powerful a.s.sets.

However, their rank didn't matter in that world, and the guards didn't mind being used in that way. They simply wors.h.i.+ped the members of the bloodlines too much to complain or have grudges.

A man entered the hall from a door behind Danielle and spoke, "So, they are the reason behind the recent mess."

The man was tall, and his facial features resembled Danielle's so much that the envoys immediately thought that they were twins.

He had a pair of blue eyes and her same brown hair. He wore a loose green robe that exposed most of his chest, and his expression revealed some arrogance as he inspected the guests.

What surprised Noah and the others the most though was the fact that he was a rank 5 cultivator with three centers of power too!

Yet, the surprises weren't over since a female figure followed the arrival of the man.

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The woman resembled a younger version of Danielle and carried the same traits of the Duron Bloodline. Also, she was a rank 4 cultivator with three centers of power.

He was obviously speaking about Noah since he could sense that he appeared extremely dangerous for a rank 4 cultivator.

Noah didn't want to answer too soon, but Danielle noticed his hesitation spoke. "You know about our history. Tell us yours before moving to other topics."

There wasn't much that Noah could do after she said that, so he simply explained some of the differences between their words.

The three natives remained silent for the entirety of his speech, and they didn't even stop him when they learnt about details that seemed incredible in their view.

After all, Noah's world resembled a paradise in their eyes.

The humans controlled most of the, and each of them had three centers of power. Also, the magical beasts didn't have a dantian, which made them inferior to cultivators on the same rank.

Noah even spoke about the differences with their training methods, but he focused on the part that concerned the seas of consciousness.

He was trying to bring the discussion on that topic to learn more about their methods, but Danielle interrupted him before he could ask anything.

"We would like to perform a few tests," Danielle said, and the two heroic cultivators next to her nodded in approval.

Noah and the others didn't understand what she meant with her request, but Lorie quickly explained the meaning behind her mother's words. "We would like to try mixing your bloodlines with ours."

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