Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 742 742. Peace

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The effects of the drug used when Noah was with Danielle, and the natural arousal caused by June's presence made him unable to stop any time soon. Luckily for him, the walls of those rooms were thick and prevented any kind of noise from leaking outside.

The members of the bloodlines were used to have long mating sessions, so every room in the castle was perfect for that kind of activity.

The long years spent away from each other vanished as they enjoyed themselves in that alien world. Their bodies instinctively remembered what it was like to be together and what their lover liked.

"Now I can be sure that you didn't let that woman tempt you," June said when Noah finally managed to calm himself and give her a break.

His hand caressed her hair as she rested on his chest, just like she used to do back in his quarters.

Looking at her gave birth to a calm and warm feeling that he had almost forgotten in the years spent training and fighting alone. Even his usually violent aura became more peaceful when June was in his arms.

"She managed to tempt me," Noah said while revealing a warm smile, "I just didn't want to lose you because of that."

June was already preparing a punch when she heard the first part of his phase, but she ended up giving him a long kiss when he finished it.

Noah had broken other records after their separation, but he was still the man that she loved, even if he was on a completely different level now.

"These years without you were hard. That Lix is set in taking me as his bride. Luckily, he respects my achievements and lets me cultivate in peace." June said as she snuggled even closer to him.

Noah felt a mixture of anger and arousal due to her words and gesture, but he decided not to address that issue. Their time was limited, and he didn't want to spend it thinking about problems that he couldn't fix.

"We are getting stronger," Noah said, "We will reach a point where the organizations behind us won't be able to affect our relations.h.i.+p."

His words sounded like a promise in June's mind, and she rejoiced a little when she heard them. Yet, she couldn't help but feel a bit helpless when she remembered how strong Noah had become.

Also, she was aware of the events that had created chaos in the Utra nation in the last years.

She wouldn't dare to ask Noah if the Hive was behind the attack on the n.o.bles for fear that her knowledge could hurt him. Still, she was almost sure that he was behind the destruction of the Balvan family.

Noah was achieving his goals at an unbelievable speed, while she was still stuck between the marriage proposals of the Elbas family. Also, her family was gaining a lot from her cooperation with the Royals, but she wasn't completely free inside it.

She felt caged most of the time, with only her desire to become stronger and see Noah keeping her company.

"Hey," June asked with a bit of hesitation, "How do you feel about the events in the Utra nation?"

Her question hid a more profound meaning, and Noah didn't fail to understand that she was simply worried about his mental state.

Noah sighed at that question. He had already thought a lot about the battle against his grandfather and the price paid for his revenge.

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"Back then, I would think of the n.o.ble families as unbeatable monsters that I had to avoid enraging at all costs," Noah said as his mind remembered the feelings that he had when he was just a new cultivator.

June recognized that gaze and the feelings that it carried. She couldn't help but feel some eagerness when she understood Noah's intentions. Then, they abandoned themselves to their desires, aiming to make the most out of their short time together once again.

Days peacefully pa.s.sed inside the castle, and Noah didn't dare to leave June's room for that period. They spent most of their time in bed, but they also cultivated and discussed their individualities.

June's individuality was slowly evolving into a spreading battle intent that affected the entirety of her centers of power and allowed her to surpa.s.s her limits as she kept on fighting.

Of course, her understanding was still immature, and she had yet to gain insights on the innate defiance of her cultivation technique. She just knew that her existence was a perpetual cycle that would lead her toward more battles and stronger enemies.

As for Noah, he explained his issue with the impossibility of modifying the primary energy without laws.

June could immediately see how the techniques of the natives of that world seemed incredibly fitting for his problem. She even understood that Noah would have quickly gained their methods if he had just given up on his relations.h.i.+p with her.

That realization made her feel so happy that she basically jumped on him and didn't let him go for almost half a day. She knew that Noah needed her for his individuality, but she felt happy that her lover didn't sacrifice her for the quickest path to power.

Lix even tried to visit June in those days, but she always managed to send him away with the excuse of her training.

Then, after eleven days spent in that way, the wall of her room became ethereal and revealed Danielle, who announced the beginning of the meeting.

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