Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 741 741. Reunion

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Noah returned in the hall by himself, and the envoys couldn't help but a.s.sault him with countless questions. The oath made them confident that he didn't betray them, but they still wanted to know the reason behind that private meeting.

Noah couldn't hide much at that point. He began to explain how his body-nouris.h.i.+ng method made him resemble the lost bloodline of the ancestors of that world.

He even explained Danielle's story and how they kept the six bloodlines alive.

It was needless to say that the thought of having a harem interested some of the envoys. After all, all the humans in Noah's world had three centers of power, meaning that each of them was a valuable resource there.

Of course, Noah lied to them when it came to the features of his body. He said that Danielle had rejected him when she discovered that his abilities were the result of a technique and carried drawbacks.

The envoys could only let the issue go even if Noah didn't reveal any secret about his body. It was clear that he wasn't willing to expose himself, and they simply accepted the positive result that the misunderstanding brought to their world.

Only June knew that something was off.

According to his explanation, Noah did resemble the ancestors, which meant that Danielle didn't refuse him. However, she couldn't give voice to her worries in that place. She could only try to pick up clues from Noah's expression whenever their eyes met.

She realized that Noah was distracted and that his usual sharpness didn't appear in his aura.

Seeing him in that state frustrated her, especially since she couldn't reach for him and ask what was wrong. Yet, she could only lower her head and try to stop those emotions from appearing in her aura.

One of the guards in the hall announced that they could spend a few days there while Danielle prepared herself for an official meeting, and the envoys didn't hesitate to accept that offer. The guards even allowed a few of them to exit the dome to contact their headquarters!

The news that they had been accepted by one of the ruling forces shook the rank 5 cultivators on the volcano.

Everything was going smoothly, and establis.h.i.+ng an alliance was a priority since they were still unaware of the actual power of the bloodlines. They would need to know their exact number of powerful a.s.sets before choosing a more violent approach, but they could settle for a simple exchange of resources until then.

The fact that Noah's peculiar body had influenced Danielle's behavior surprised them too, but the report of the envoys made them believe that they had just been lucky.

After all, Noah had been alone with Danielle for less than an hour. With the oath and that short amount of time, they felt inclined to believe him.

The guards a.s.signed luxurious rooms to each envoy and made sure to leave a device that they could use in case they needed something.

Noah didn't even glance at his companions before entering his room and closing the door behind him. The others simply followed his example and decided to spend that time either cultivating or enjoying the delicacies that the guards could bring.

They couldn't possibly know that Danielle had granted Noah a favor and was waiting for everyone to close their doors before appearing inside his room through a secret pa.s.sage.

"I thought you would have chosen the brown-haired woman," Danielle said as a pa.s.sage appeared inside Noah's room and revealed her figure, "Your status should grant you the best of the best."

She was obviously speaking about Faith. Her beauty was something that had managed to surprise even a powerful rank 5 cultivator.

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"Beauty has nothing to do with my choice," Noah said as he began to follow Danielle through that secret pa.s.sage.

"How?" June asked as she slowly left the bed to take short steps toward Noah.

She couldn't believe what she was seeing. It was as if Noah had materialized directly in her room!

"I've asked Danielle a favor. For your information, she was already willing to give me a harem." Noah said as his smile became an arrogant smirk.

Nevertheless, June didn't even mind his words and jumped toward him when she understood that he was really there.

Noah suddenly found himself embracing June. One of his hands instinctively went for her messy hair, and he closed his eyes as he lost himself in the sensations that their reunion caused.

He felt the warmth of her body filling him, and he sensed her the softness of her cheeks on his neck. Noah felt her lips on his shoulder, and her hands immersed in his hair. Even the smell of the Heaven Tribulation reached him, but the sensations that filled him at that moment completely overwhelmed that hateful scent.

His arousal reached its peak at that point, and Noah felt that he would lose control of his actions if he remained in that position. The scent from before and the sensations caused by June were too intense when they attacked his mind together.

"June," Noah said, "They used something, and my instincts are all over the place now. I might jump on you if I don't calm down first."

June turned her head and laid her lips on Noah's ear. Then, she whispered words that made him stop holding back. "What are you waiting for?"

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