Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 740 740. Harem

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"What about the six bloodlines ruling the human society," Noah said. "What is the difference between them and their ancestors?"

Danielle didn't mention anything concerning the actual power of the lost bloodline, nor in which way it was connected to his hybrid status.

"The six families are the result of mixed blood. We have inherited part of their power, but we don't carry any of the abilities of the magical beasts like they did." Danielle said, and Noah couldn't help but ask more about that peculiar bloodline.

It turned out that the balance of that world had initially been different from what he had imagined. The six families didn't exist, and the only humans that had a dantian were a small group of people that were now called ancestors.

According to Danielle's words, the ancestors were very similar to hybrids.

Their bodies could match the physical might of the magical beasts, and they could learn some of their abilities when they ate them. They were basically perfect beings, especially in a world where they didn't lack nouris.h.i.+ng creatures.

Also, the fact that they had poor fertility wasn't an issue since it was considered an honor to become their lover.

Danielle told Noah how they used to have large harems with the only intention of enlarging their bloodline and improving the power of the humans as a whole.

"Through the years, we discovered that women have a higher chance to pa.s.s down the three centers of power," Danielle said. "This feature is present even in the six bloodlines, so women are generally valued more here."

Noah's eyebrows arched when a thought popped in his mind, and Danielle revealed a smirk when she saw his expression.

"In case you are wondering, I have a harem too. Every human with three centers of power has one, and we seclude ourselves in long mating sessions." Danielle revealed. "I have given birth to seven complete cultivators and dozens of incomplete ones."

Noah couldn't help but be surprised about her situation, and some respect appeared inside him when he understood how determined they were in keeping their bloodline alive.

The data was disheartening, and the ancestors had it even worse. Their chances to give birth to a hybrid were even less, but they managed to create the six bloodlines in the process.

"What happened?" Noah asked.

Danielle wore a helpless expression before speaking. "We became too powerful. The balance was maintained at the beginning, but too many cultivators with three centers of power began to fill our ranks. It wasn't fair to have the ancestors with that number of a.s.sets, so Heaven and Earth started to target them until all of them died."

Noah finally understood at that point.

That world had stronger magical beasts and weaker humans, but it also used to have a small number of extremely powerful cultivators that compensated those disadvantages.

That was the balance decided by Heaven and Earth, but the humans had broken it with their commitment to making that powerful bloodline flourish. The humans would keep the weaker progeny, but they would lose their strongest a.s.sets, forever limiting their maximum power to the six bloodlines.

Those were events that had happened millennia ago, and Danielle had learnt about them because the six bloodlines had kept records of the experiments and achievements of their past leaders.

However, when he understood that, he realized what Danielle's intentions were.

The last painting on the large corridor depicted a Heaven Tribulation piercing a series of human figures, and a set of rooms appeared after that. There was a large bed in each of those rooms, and there were people in the middle of s.e.xual intercourses in some of them.

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Noah was able to notice that there was at least one cultivator with three centers of power in the rooms that were occupied, and the intercourses weren't limited to two people most of the time.

After all, she was a rank 5 cultivator who was even more potent than the cultivators of his world. Noah would have to go all out just to buy himself a few minutes before his inevitable loss.

He could only tell her part of the secrets behind his body to remain faithful to June.

Also, he had fused himself with a Cursed Dragon, a species that had already been punished for its power. His fertility was bound to be incredibly low, which would force him to try for years if he wanted to procreate.

Danielle didn't seem disappointed that Noah had rejected her. She actually appeared quite interested in the fact that he had created something able to match her ancestors by himself.

"This experiment," Danielle said, "Can you reproduce it on other subjects?"

Noah shook his head and said, "I would advise against it. The mortality rate is too high, and it causes Heaven and Earth's anger. I'm afraid their reaction would be far worse if I were to perform it in this world."

Danielle could only give up on that idea when she heard his words. The retribution of Heaven and Earth was something that she wanted to avoid at all costs.

"I need to browse through the records and see if I can find something useful. In the meantime, you can all remain here. I'm still unclear about this matter concerning another world, but we can set the basics for cooperation." Danielle said and was about to leave when Noah had an idea.

Maybe it was just his arousal clouding his judgment, but that was the perfect chance to obtain something that he had desired for a long time.

"Danielle," Noah said, "Can you do me a favor? I need your help to have some intimacy with a woman in my group."

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