Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 737 737. Trus

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The first interaction with the heroic cultivators of that world surprised the envoys, who simply a.n.a.lyzed the trio that had reached them in the sky.

They quickly discovered that the three men didn't have a dantian, but they still radiated an aura that only heroic cultivators could have.

'How do they even fly?' Noah thought before moving his attention to their feet.

The natives stood on platforms made of condensed "Breath", but that energy didn't come from inside their bodies. They used their mental waves to force it to gather under them in that form.

'It doesn't seem to stress their minds so much.' Noah evaluated. 'Maybe the weight on their mental spheres is connected to their expertise in the inscription method.'

Noah had started to gather data about their techniques even in that peculiar situation.

The three cultivators soon straightened themselves, but Faith steeped forward before they could say anything and gave voice to a request. "We wish to see a representative of the Duron Bloodline."

Her sudden action saw the approval of the others in her group. It was clear that the cultivators with two centers of power held them in high regard, so it was wise to use that chance to hasten the meeting.

Faith's beauty had forced her to become experienced in handling political matters to avoid issues that could put her in dangerous situations or enrage famous characters inside and outside the Council.

She had been able to understand how valuable her group was in the eyes of the natives and find the approach that exploited that before her companions.

The natives were taken aback by her sudden request, and they revealed signs of struggle through their expressions as the pondered about the matter.

"What is it?" Faith asked when she saw that the natives limited themselves to speak through their consciousnesses, and she even showed a bit of annoyance.

The three of them stopped their mental discussion when they saw her expression, and one of them stepped forward to answer. "I don't want to be disrespectful, but…"

The native turned glanced at his companion, who simply nodded at him to give him some confidence, and the former finished his sentence with a question. "Who are you?"

"We are explorers arrived from far away." Faith didn't hesitate in her answer, but she didn't reveal any detail.

The matter of the different world was something that could be discussed only with cultivators of a specific knowledge. There was a high chance that the natives in front of them would just react poorly when they revealed the amazing feat that their world had been capable of.

However, that answer wasn't enough to satisfy the trio.

It was clear that they were trying to be as respectful as they could, but there was an evident struggle inside them that forced them not to trust the envoys.

"All the humans outside of our walls are either dead or exiled." The man said. "Does this mean that you are descendants of criminals?"

The atmosphere became tense as soon as the native gave voice to that question.

Noah and the others expected that lack of trust, but linking them to potential criminals so soon wasn't something that they could have predicted. After all, humans with three centers of power were held in high regard in that world. So, no one considered the possibility that some of them had been exiled in the past.

Even Faith felt that the situation had become too troublesome to handle with simple words, and she limited herself to stare at the trio that didn't show any fear.

The natives were against eight heroic cultivators with a dantian, but they didn't hold back their questions and didn't seem intentioned in letting them advance.

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'The determination of warriors willing to die for their country.' Noah thought as he heaved a loud sigh and stepped forward.

The smoke though exuded an aura so threatening that the three natives felt the need to take a few steps back.

The power of a rank 5 spell fueled by solid "Breath" and mental waves in the fifth rank was incredible. Also, the Demonic Form spell had become even more destructive after both his "Breath" and mental waves began to carry his individuality.

"This is a spell," Noah said when the last strand of smoke dispersed in the air.

The envoys behind him could only remain silent after seeing the might that he was capable of if he used his sea of consciousness. They understood that. No matter their expertise was, Noah would always have the last word on every topic.

The issue still remained though. The natives had seen that Noah was mighty, but they failed to understand the exact purpose of his actions.

The same went for his companions, who simply waited for his next action.

"In my world," Noah said. "Humans have conquered most of the habitable lands thanks to these attacks."

The eyes of everyone on the scene widened at his words. Noah had casually revealed that he came from another world, but the envoys weren't sure if the natives had truly understood him.

Words could confuse, especially when they concerned the existence of multiple Mortal Lands.

However, they had seen how his attacks were different from those that they were used to see.

"Trust is important, so I've decided to take the first step," Noah said as he turned his head toward a seemingly empty spot behind the three natives. "Is this enough to make you take yours?"

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