Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 735 735. Duron Bloodline

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Noah didn't volunteer for the mission out of good-will.

The cultivators of that world could control the "Breath" around them without needing a fitting individuality, and that was a power that he needed.

Human cultivators could imitate the effects of the individualities with that inscription methods. That led Noah to believe that heroic cultivators would be able to imitate laws if they mastered it.

At least, that was one of the possible applications that he could think of.

Noah needed to find a way to control the primary energy created by his destruction, so even that method didn't wholly fit his situation. Yet, he was confident that he could modify it with the Divine Deduction technique and pair it to his two inscription methods.

Also, there was the innate behavior of the primary energy carried by the mutated beasts.

Noah was sure that the cultivators of that world had researched those creatures in-depth since they were their main enemy. He couldn't match centuries and millennia of studies even with his instincts and deduction technique. The fastest way to gather information was to ask directly to the inhabitants of those lands.

As for the dangers linked to the mission, Noah was quite confident that the arrival of potential allies would be appreciated by the natives if handled well.

The humans there were on the losing side of the war against the magical beasts, and Noah's world could help them in their battles.

Of course, that would be decided only later on. The priority was to establish a peaceful relations.h.i.+p to understand their actual power.

Elder Austin shot a worried glance when he heard his words, and the other leaders did the same even if their expressions carried far different emotions.

Noah wasn't known for playing by the rules, and chaos often followed him wherever he went. So, he wasn't the best candidate to be a political envoy, especially when there was a relations.h.i.+p with an entire world at stake.

On the other hand, Noah's growth speed was scary. The three big nations wouldn't admit it, but they were wary of his fast improvements.

He wasn't even a century old, but he had already taken a step into the realm of the existences in the fifth rank. Also, his improvements didn't seem to slow down in the slightest, no matter how his rank increased.

Sending him as an envoy might finally stop his growth for a while and maybe even kill him.

However, the other a.s.sets didn't give the leaders enough time to decide if Noah was the best candidate.

"I'll go too," June said as her aura began to radiate a battle intent so dense that the air around her started to release sparks.

'She would be able to fool me too if I wasn't part of her act.' Noah thought while suppressing a smile from appearing on his face. 'Well, these feelings aren't fake either.'

Lix was surprised by her sudden decision, but determination quickly filled his expression as he declared his intention to join the team. "I'll follow Lady Ballor."

The leaders felt the need to stop those hurried decisions. Still, the morale of their troops had been kindled, and it was too late to do anything about it.

"I'm more suitable as an envoy," Faith said as she stepped forward. "They'll need me if we want to prevent a war."

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June snorted when she heard her words, but Noah simply feigned ignorance.

Elder Jason wanted to go with Noah, but he had to leave his place to Elder Hope since she was better at investigating the environment. She was even more potent than him, so she could be more useful to Noah on the battlefield.

As for the Shandal Empire, Gray Fury simply ordered two liquid stage cultivators to join the team.

Each faction decided to send two cultivators to form a team with two rank 4 existences in the solid stage and six of them in the liquid stage.

The Empire and the Elbas family had decided to keep their most potent a.s.sets in their ranks to have more influence on the headquarters in the new world. Instead, the Council felt forced to send their solid stage a.s.set to protect their talent.

However, the team was now completed. They only needed to retrieve the information concerning the layout of the human forces of that world from the slave. Then, they could begin their journey.

The leaders dismissed most of the team at that point and sent them back on the volcano to complete the defenses. The envoys and some other a.s.sets remained there to continue the questioning.

The slave resumed his explanations and drew a simple map based on his knowledge of the surrounding areas.

There seemed to be a city at some distance from there. That city marked the beginning of the human territory and was also the home of that unfortunate slave who had just gone out to retrieve some herbs.

Yet, Noah and the others weren't interested in speaking to the rulers of a small city. They wanted a meeting with the n.o.bles with three centers of power since they were the true leaders of the humans.

"The six bloodlines rule six different regions." The slave said when Gray Fury pressed him to be more specific. "You will enter the territory directly under the control of the Duron Bloodline if you travel in that direction for five months."

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