Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 711 711. Life

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Flying Demon remained silent as Noah went through his breakthrough.

He had come to warn him that they didn't have much time left, but the situation forced him to stop his actions. Noah was advancing to the solid stage, and that was a process that he didn't dare to interrupt.

The matter of the ruins of the mansion kept on crumbling as the "Breath" of the darkness element contained inside it reached for Noah's dantian. The laws carried by that "Breath" nourished the fabric of Noah's center of power and improved its structure.

Enlightenments on the destructive part of his individuality dawned upon him as his dantian squeezed the liquid "Breath" inside it. The sharp form of his black energy condensed until it became a minute shard that radiated a blinding dark light.

'My destruction is complete.' Noah thought when his dantian started to stabilize, and his cultivation technique stopped increasing its absorption speed.

A wave of sharpness spread from his figure when he opened his eyes and further destabilized the remaining wreckage of the mansion. Dust acc.u.mulated around Noah as the broken walls and floors crumbled under the pressure of his "Breath", but Flying Demon couldn't see any satisfaction in his eyes.

His power had increased again, but he had to pay a heavy price for that.

"Prince, we must go. Dreaming Demon's cover won't last for long, and my opponent has managed to escape." Flying Demon said as he landed next to Noah and waited for his answer.

Dreaming Demon appeared in the sky too at that point, and she could only stop her tracks when she saw the situation on the ground. Her complete focus had been on blocking the signs of the battle from leaking outside the mansion, and that wasn't a simple matter.

That battlefield had seen the fight between two cultivators that neared the fifth rank, and she had to contain it while also modifying the scene viewed from the outside. The only existence that could notice her methods was the rank 5 n.o.ble in the area, but Flying Demon had kept it busy just as they had planned.

So, she was a bit surprised when she saw the wreckage and Noah's cultivation level.

It was evident to both Demons that Noah's revenge didn't only affect his emotions and that he was still in the process of accepting his new state. Yet, they had to go since there were bound to be reinforcements on their way.

'Destruction is only half of my path, but my creation struggles to manifest. Death surrounds me, but there is also life on my path.' Noah moved his gaze toward the elders near him when he thought that.

They were pressing him to leave, but they didn't dare to move before him.

Then, June's figure appeared in his mind.

'I'm a demon that strives for power, but I have people that I care about. This duality exists in the world, just like it exists in my individuality.' Noah thought when the Demons showed happy smirks at his gaze.

"Arthur, Tisha," Noah said, and the elders became severe when they heard him calling them with their real names for the first time. "These walls saw the birth of the people that have allowed me to cultivate. Both of them died because of me."

The two Demons didn't say anything when they heard those words. They had endured their share of tragedies too, and the events after the exile were just part of the hindrances that they had to overcome in their long life.

On the other hand, Noah was young, and the power of his centers of power only made his age even more amazing. Yet, he still had to become used to how many things lost their value after spending centuries away from the struggles of the mortal world.

"I will stop at nothing to reach the stars, but that doesn't mean that I won't treasure anything else. Let's leave a piece of life in this place of death after we clean it." Noah ordered, and the Demons quickly began to plunder the battlefield after his order.

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They didn't wholly understand Noah's words, but they could guess what he meant in the last part.

"Who is the strongest?" She asked again.

Noah turned when he heard that question, and he revealed a weak smile before answering. "Heaven and Earth, of course."

Then, he gave one last look at Flying Demon's work before moving toward the teleportation matrix connected to the separate dimension. The two Demons quickly followed him, and the three of them destroyed the door as soon as they returned in the tunnel.

Dreaming Demon removed her hood, which revealed her tired expression, and the other two in her group followed her example.

Noah was a bit pale due to all the injuries that his body had suffered, and he felt the need to hibernate to quicken the healing process. Instead, Flying Demon appeared completely fine.

His opponent had been weaker than him, and he had kept the higher ground during the entire duration of the battle. The n.o.ble had managed to escape though since Flying Demon couldn't chase him past Mossgrove city.

"I'll probably isolate myself for a while. You can handle the matters in the Utra nation on your own." Noah said as he moved toward one of his caves while gulping a mouthful of blood that had climbed through his throat.

"Do you want us to focus on something in particular?" Flying Demon asked when he saw Noah slowly walking away from them.

"Try to discover something about the Ballor family, but never give away that you are interested in it," Noah answered before stopping and turning toward the two elders as he remembered to say something. "Right. Thank you for your help. My revenge would still be on hold if it weren't for you."

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