Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 70 - 70. Inner circle

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Rhys was covering the wound on his eye and turned around to look at his father.

Thomas had a disappointed expression on his face as he looked at his son.

"Not only you disobeyed me, you even let a common woman hurt you. As a cultivator, you really are a failure."

Rhys began to complain.

"But Father, that wh.o.r.e attacked me f-"

He could not continue to speak as more pressure was applied by Thomas.

If he didn't want his son to speak, then Rhys could not speak.

"Tell me, what makes a family a n.o.ble one?"

Rhys had been educated for years so he knew what his father wanted to say.

He lowered his head and answered with a soft voice.


Thomas nodded.

"Correct. Your brothers understood that and worked hard to become strong. They even forced their children to train in order to maintain the power of the family. You instead..."

He shook his head and continued.

"You spoiled your descendants too much but that was fine, you weren't actually hurting the family. Now, however, you made us lose the only tie we had with a promising cultivator."

At his words, Rhys became angry again, he really could not bear seeing his b.a.s.t.a.r.d son being praised.

He had to hold his feelings back though, and he bowed slightly while asking a question.

"What do you want me to do?"

Thomas ma.s.saged his temples and sighed.

"I might be able to heal your eye, but I won't. The kid needs a proof that you were punished. As for the other arrangements, I will take care of them myself. Furthermore, no one is allowed to touch anything on this floor, let my grandson decide how to interpret the situation."




Noah didn't know anything about what happened in the mansion and continued to train and fight.

A week had pa.s.sed since he went out and he finally felt accustomed to his new strength.

His dantian had enlarged a little but he felt that it was too soon for it to show its power.

There was one thing that bothered him though.

'I want to change my blood companion already!'

Now his body was on the same level as a.s.sea, but that wasn't the limit of the technique.

If he could find a peak rank 3 magical beast of the darkness element, his battle capability will rise by a lot.

'Sadly I don't really know where to find one. It's not like rank 3 magical beasts are easy to find.'

He hid the s.p.a.ce-ring in his clothes, he would always wear it whenever he went outside after the events in the valley.

'Time to go back.'

As he neared the mansion, he saw that the patrolling guards were avoiding his gaze.

An ominous feeling began to form inside Noah that reached its peak when he saw William waiting for him at the main gate.

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Noah hurriedly went toward him and asked:

'I understand, I will not do anything reckless for now.'

Noah stood up, his heart grew cold, his mind released a bit of pressure as he vowed to himself:

'Yet one day, I'll definitely kill my father.'

The more he stared at his mother's corpse the more his mind became sharp.

Some cracking sound came from the furniture around him as he was losing control of his state of mind.

William noted this and placed a hand on his shoulder.

Then he neared his mouth to his disciple's ear and whispered softly.

"You will have to control yourself from now on, remember to never fall for any provocation. They will suppress you but secretly you will always be ahead of them. Endure it, your time will definitely come."

He slipped a piece of paper in his clothes.

When Noah turned to look at his Master with a confused expression a guard in red armor arrived at their position.

William bowed lightly at his sight and gestured for Noah to do the same.

Noah was still confused but trusted his Master so he followed his example.

The guard nodded and put a stern expression before he spoke.

"Per order of the Patriarch of the Balvan family, Noah Balvan has to be immediately transferred to the inner circle to join the personal guards of the family. Please follow me to your new lodging."

William looked at Noah and smiled slightly.

He ruffled his hair a bit and spoke in a warm tone.

"Go, and remember to be careful."

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