Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 683 683. Tunnel

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A mole inside the Utra nation!

'The target of the Hive isn't a territory in the new continent, but those in the old one!'

Noah exclaimed in his mind as he stored the sheet, and the cube vanished.

There was something that he had to do in the old continent, something that he had postponed for years because his power didn't allow him to act freely.

His aura suddenly became sharper when he began to think about his father, but Elder Austin promptly reminded him of something that he already knew.

"Prince, this strategy might make you fulfill your vengeance, but it's still something that can't happen soon. We need to let the Hive grow while destabilizing the Utra nation at the same time."

Noah nodded when he heard those words, but it took him some time to appease his anger.

The Balvan family was only a medium-size n.o.ble family, meaning that it shouldn't have rank 5 cultivators in its ranks.

Even most large-size n.o.ble families didn't have such powerful ent.i.ties in their ranks due to the strict control that the Royals had over the resources of the country.

Of course, there were exceptions in every organization, and the Udye family was a clear example of that.

Also, Noah knew from both June and the battle against his uncle that the Elbas family was aiding the Balvan family to compensate for hiding him.

Yet, he didn't know how far the Royals could push the already stagnated a.s.sets of his family.

'Thomas should have stayed at the same stage for a hundred years, his centers of power shouldn't have much potential left. However, the Royals know that the Balvans are my target, I wouldn't be surprised if they provided them with some countermeasures.'

Noah thought as Elder Austin gestured him to follow the two Demons.

He didn't care if more heroic cultivators appeared in his family.

The only hindrances that could worry him were his grandfather and eventual inscribed items.

The Demons led him in the same point where the array had appeared, and Dreaming Demon lightly tapped the pendant on her neck when they entered its area.

The s.h.i.+ning lines of the formation reappeared on the sandy terrain at that point, and a blinding halo surrounded the three figures as the teleportation activated.

Noah didn't need to close his eyes at that time, and he could see the desert being replaced by a barren plain.

The environment was different from the separate dimension under the mystical fog.

The ground was brown, without any shape that imitated a lifeform, and the sky was pitch black.

Also, Noah could see the end of the plain from his position.

The dimension stretched only for a few kilometers, and its width could be matched even by a few s.p.a.ce-rings.

"Chasing Demon is far away from Divine Architect's level. We are lucky that the automaton can leave a trace and a few simple meanings so that Rufus can inscribe directly over them."

Flying Demon said with a severe tone, and Noah could only nod at his words.

The fact that Thirty-seven could ease Chasing Demon's work was already an incredible feat.

Divine Architect had created an automaton capable of producing simple meanings, and that alone said a lot about her level of expertise.

'I wonder how far away Thirty-seven is from a human.'

Noah lingered on that thought for a few seconds as he inspected the dimension.

There was void all around the plain, and Noah could even sense that the ground wasn't that deep.

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The sky was limited too, and it only reached a height of a few hundreds of meters.

Dreaming Demon said to explain the events that followed her lover's actions.

"So, the dimension is ready, but we need to enlarge it to make it useful."

Noah gave voice to his summary and landed on the eastern border of the wasteland to test its st.u.r.diness.

Tremors spread through the terrain again as Noah punched the invisible wall.

His attack didn't match Flying Demon's power, but it still enlarged the dimension toward the east.

'How much would it take to reach the Balvan mansion like this?'

Noah thought while trying to make a few calculations, but he could already know that they wouldn't be precise.

"Your body can make the Enduring demon sect die again of envy. Speaking of which, were the scrolls useful? I'm sorry that most of them couldn't be transcribed completely."

Flying Demon asked, but Noah limited himself to nod.

The Demons already knew that he found Ravaging Demon's technique interesting, but he didn't find it necessary to tell them that his first spell had taken inspiration from it.

As for the other scrolls, they couldn't help him even after he learnt a second inscription method.

"We are waiting for Thirty-seven and Chasing Demon to complete the formation on the surface. Then, we will begin to stretch this dimension until it reaches the old continent."

Dreaming Demon began to speak, and her eyes revealed a cold expression when she gave voice to her next words.

"We'll use this time to recover further and maybe even improve. So, be sure to call us when you intend to charge toward your family. Watching your back during your vengeance is the least that we can do to repay you."

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