Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 675 675. Training dummy

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Noah had been finally able to create his first spell after so many years spent in the fourth rank!

He had pondered about that matter since he created his first version of the Shadow sprint martial art when he was a human cultivator.

Still, now he had a spell that was only his, and that acted entirely in line with his individuality.

'It has taken me years of specialization in wills, countless experiences with the Elemental forging method, inspiration from Ravaging Demon's attack, and another inscription method. Yet, I have a second a.s.set in my a.r.s.enal that reflects my existence now.'

Noah thought as he stored the rune back inside his mental sphere.

The Dragon's claw martial art and his new spell were pure creations that didn't copy any diagram or existing technique.

They were attacks that expressed Noah's individuality and, as such, would produce stronger effects compared to his other abilities.

Of course, that still depended on their potential, but that was a general rule in the cultivation world.

Also, Noah's new spell didn't have the same limitations of his martial art.

Noah needed to use the energy inside his Liquid dantian to have a battle prowess that matched rank 4 cultivators in the solid stage, but his spell didn't require it!

He could just use his liquid "Breath" to lay the runes in the environment and let them absorb the primary energy released after a battle.

'It might be a little tricky to use its full power at my current level, but I can see it becoming my most potent attack when the harmony between my centers of power is restored.'

Noah could already see the flaws in his new ability.

Only his liquid "Breath" carried the destructive properties of his individuality.

Instead, the energy contained in his Liquid dantian was just a ca.n.a.lization of the nourishments released by his body during the activation of his secret art.

One radiated his individuality, while the other was his most potent fuel at the moment.

Noah flew away from his underground quarters while his mind was deep in thought.

'Only the rank 5 elders of the Hive know that my battle prowess reaches the solid stage, and I bet that they aren't even sure about it. I can use my cultivation level as an advantage and rely on the "Breath" that carries my individuality in my next battles. There is no point in revealing my real power so soon.'

Plans and schemes piled up in his mind as he looked for a worthy opponent in the lands nearby.

He didn't have a real battle since the events in the separate dimension.

There were too many improvements that had to be done, and the four nations were even at peace.

Yet, Noah had improved all his techniques and even created new ones in those nine years.

His species wasn't suitable for long periods of meditation, especially when his battle prowess had improved so much.

He needed to fight to know where he stood, and he needed to prove his power to the world at times.

His hunger and ambition were slowly filling his body again, and his mental energy nourished the saber-shaped rune inside his sea of consciousness as his search continued.

The expansion of the human forces drove many packs of beasts away, but the snowy mountain was a rank 6 danger zone.

There were bound to be magical beasts in the fifth rank near it, and Noah was looking for something stronger than a newly advanced creature.

However, he still had to venture through the central areas of the piece of Immortal Lands to find a suitable adversary.

Noah stopped flying when he noticed a rank 5 Brawny ape at the peak of the lower tier, followed by a series of rank 4 specimens.

The pack was exploring the central areas since many years had pa.s.sed after the battle of the rank 6 existences.

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The innate survival instincts of those beasts told them that those territories had become stable enough to allow their survival.

The pressure generated by the jumping ape was enough to push Noah backward when it pa.s.sed next to him, but he managed to hit the beast during his evasive maneuver.

The ape landed on the terrain at a few hundreds of meters in the distance, and whiffs of black smoke lingered on its fur.

Nevertheless, the smoke only managed to destroy part of its hair, and Noah's attack had just left white marks on its burly chest.

'As expected, it's not enough. Let's try with the second form then.'

Noah thought as he poured a substantial amount of liquid "Breath" in his next slash.

His saber seemed to vibrate as they shattered the air in their trajectory to release two black lines that shot toward the ape.

The beast crossed its arms to defend against the incoming attack, and only white marks appeared on its skin when the two slashes landed on it.

The creature lowered its arms and was about to perform another long jump when it sensed that something was off.

Its attention went on the white marks on its arms, and an angry expression appeared on its face when it saw that cracks appeared on the skin around them.

It couldn't understand what was happening, but it knew that the cause behind that damage was the small figure in the sky.

Noah simply smiled at that sight.

The cuts on the ape's arm weren't deep, but he had still managed to hurt a rank 5 beast with an ability fueled by liquid "Breath".

'The power of the individuality.'

Noah thought as he slashed again, there was still a lot to test against that creature.

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