Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 671 671. Limi

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The scroll in Noah's hands described how Ravaging Demon had obtained his t.i.tle due to that spell.

The spell had to be used together with other abilities.

It was fueled by the destruction that the user had previously unleashed on the environment around him.

'This is similar to my individuality but also quite different.'

Noah thought as he browsed through the contents of the scroll.

The spell used the destruction previously acc.u.mulated to launch a potent attack.

However, Noah destroyed to obtain the primary energy to create.

One created an endless offensive while the other was a perpetual cycle.

Also, Noah had yet to decide what he would create.

His idea was to forge his darkness, but only countless tests could reveal if that idea were doable.

There were a couple of issues with Ravaging Demon's spell too.

First of all, the diagram wasn't complete.

The expert hired by Chasing Demon had only been able to copy part of it, and those lines couldn't even work in that form.

Then, there was a problem with its element.

Ravaging Demon had a fire apt.i.tude, and the lines of that spell would produce the intended effects only when "Breath" of the fire element was used to fuel them.

Generally speaking, cultivators could use the abilities of different elements, but their effects would be far weaker.

Sometimes they wouldn't even work due to the contrast between the lines and the different elements.

Their diagrams couldn't even be copied or translated for a different element since they were created for a specific apt.i.tude.

That left Noah empty-handed for the moment.

However, the helplessness about his situation didn't appear in his expression.

Instead, the Demons could see that he was itching to test all the ideas that he had in his mind.

"Your mission is completed, and your new quarters have already been built. Just go, we'll keep you updated on the matters concerning the outside world."

Chasing Demon said with a smile, and Noah didn't hesitate to stand up.

He didn't hunt for almost five years, and he had only acc.u.mulated knowledge and inspirations since his return from the separate dimension.

He couldn't wait anymore.

He wanted to start paving his road toward the higher ranks!

All his abilities had been improved, and his individuality had even influenced his "Breath".

Now, it was time to resume the advance that had been momentarily stopped by that series of social events.




The period of peace on the new continent continued, and no significant battles happened in the old landma.s.s either.

The four forces of the Mortal Lands had too much to do, and a lot of time, they could only benefit from the absence of external threats and wars, especially after the crisis of the winged beasts.

The four nations further expanded their domains on the piece of Immortal Lands, and they reached the point where only the central areas were still untouched.

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The battle between the existences at the peak of the heroic ranks had thoroughly modified those lands.

For example, King Elbas could ruin his centers of power as he pursued his individuality or simply manage to reach the divine ranks.

That would leave the Elbas family without its powerhouse, which would inevitably start its decline.

Noah knew that too well, especially after he had browsed through part of the knowledge of the Mortal Palace.

He had immediately reached for his new quarters after the Demons had given him what was left of the demon sects.

His new habitation had turned out to be an underground area built under the new invisible dome created in the territory between the snowy mountain and the lava lake.

Chasing Demon had directly left that land and all the human cultivators living inside the dome under his control.

Of course, Noah didn't use his time to manage the city inside his dome but left everything to Elder Jason, who had volunteered to join him in that area.

The same went for Bruce and his lover Sarah who had moved to the new continent when Noah was still inside the separate dimension.

The forces of the Hive were slowly dividing themselves between the four domes, but many expected a fifth one to appear in the desert in the following years.

Meanwhile, Noah had simply secluded himself in his underground quarters.

His activities covered his usual training and some meditation about his individuality.

Yet, he spent most of his time experimenting with the primary energy that his "Breath" created when it destroyed the matter around it.

He intended to use that energy as his core material for any sort of forging.

After all, magical beasts did the same with their bodies, so Noah knew that it was possible to create something with that energy.

However, he still failed in reaching any form of success even when one year had pa.s.sed since his first attempt.

Doubts began to mount in the solitude of his quarters as failures piled up on each other, and a question couldn't help but appear in his mind at some point.

'Is this a limit of my inscription method?'

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