Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 652 652. Unique

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Another week pa.s.sed quickly, and the trio spent that time flying almost at full speed toward the other side of the separate dimension.

The scenery didn't change at all during their journey.

The prairie looked the same no matter how much they advanced, and the starless sky didn't give them any sign of their progress.

The only aspects of the dimension that moved were the two moons.

They simply moved in a straight line in perpetual motion, illuminating with their red light the environment under them.

'It's as if Heaven and Earth are keeping track of this place.'

Noah couldn't help but think that when he saw the black clouds gathering again above him.

The moons radiated a steady pressure that he had been able to notice only when he entered the areas targeted by the Tribulations.

He felt an innate hatred against them, which led him to think that Flying Demon's hypothesis was on point.

The moons had probably been planted in the dimension by Heaven and Earth. Their power had been able to seep through a s.p.a.ce that didn't belong to their domain.

'How far is their power able to reach?'

Noah suppressed that question when he heard that the crackling of the thunders had begun to resound above him.

The elders flying next to him wore a stern expression.

It would be up to them to protect the group from that Tribulation, but it wasn't its power the cause behind their focus.

The Tribulation would have a power that matched the lower tier of the fifth rank, and those two rank 5 existences were more than enough to handle it.

However, they would have to keep on sprinting through their duration.

That had been decided when they created their plan.

That was the best way to reduce the number of Tribulations to face while also avoiding those in the sixth rank.

Both elders hadn't fought nor used their real abilities for one thousand years, and they would obviously be quite rusty when using them.

Yet, they were still rank 5 ent.i.ties.

They could make up for that issue with their focus.

Lightning bolts began to fall from the clouds, and Noah could immediately tell that his body alone wouldn't be able to face them.

Also, he wasn't entirely sure that his defensive spells would be able to counter them for that long.

A rank 4 battle prowess in the solid stage would be barely enough to fight a couple of those rank 5 bolts in the lower tier, and Noah could raise that number by a bit due to his body.

Nevertheless, he was sure that he wouldn't be able to last for the whole Tribulation, not if he only relied on his abilities at least.

An ethereal sphere suddenly surrounded the trio, and several layers made of thick ice appeared above their heads when the Tribulation began.

Noah inspected the defensive measures deployed by the elders as he kept fueling his martial art with the liquid "Breath" inside his dantian.

Flying Demon's methods were quite straightforward, and he simply created a hundred white layers that floated in the air and followed the group.

Instead, Dreaming Demons' ethereal sphere seemed to carry a profound meaning.

Noah felt that the energy radiated by the sphere was affecting the world around it as they moved and spread its meanings into the very structure of the dimension.

'Is she trying to mask our presence?'

Noah guessed as part of his focus went on the ethereal sphere.

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That defensive measure spread peaceful feelings to its surroundings while carrying the distinctive mark of Heaven and Earth's will!

Of course, Noah didn't stop his flight to give voice to his amazement.

There would be time to discuss each other's individualities once they returned to the southwestern coast of the new continent.

The Tribulation ended after thirty minutes pa.s.sed, and the black clouds dispersed to reveal the dark-blue sky.

The group had easily survived that danger, but that was to be expected.

The real threats were the two rank 5 Tribulations in the upper tier that they would have to face in the next two weeks.

The trio didn't speak as it neared the center of the dimension.

The air around them was tense, and their auras became sharp as they focused their minds on the imminent struggle.

They would be forced to stop right before the lightning bolts reached the peak of the fifth rank and manage to have enough energy left to cross the entirety of the area that saw rank 6 Tribulations in a week.

Then, they would have to survive another Tribulation at the peak of the fifth rank.

Their journey would be over after that point since the following threats could be handled easily.

Another week pa.s.sed, and black clouds appeared once again in the sky.

Noah began to take out talismans from his s.p.a.ce-ring, and the elders deployed their defensive measures once again.

Flying Demon had been injured before reaching that point in the past.

So, even him was surprised when the trio noticed that something was taking form in the distance.

The arrival of the Tribulation triggered a mechanism of the separate dimension, which revealed a tall and luxurious palace at some kilometers from them.

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