Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 640 640. Roofs

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The images shared by Havok were confused and cloudy.

It couldn't be helped, the connection with the Blood companion was able to hold on only for less than an instant after the teleportation.

Yet, Noah was able to make out the color and the nature of the sky in that short moment.

'It seems quite large.'

Noah thought as he opened his eyes to stare at the formation.

The light radiated by the lines dispersed when the acc.u.mulated energy was depleted, and the array returned to its previous state.

However, it seemed that its activation had restored some s.h.i.+ne to the old materials inside the lines.

Even the smell of mold had mostly gone away.

'A formation that restores itself through the "Breath" that fuels it? Quite spectacular.'

That discovery amazed Noah.

Everything in the world had to face the inevitable erosion generated by the pa.s.sage of time.

It was something natural and impossible to stop, time couldn't be halted, not even in the heroic ranks.

So, a formation capable of restoring itself when activated was a piece of art, it surely was the work of a mighty expert!

'June's expertise might improve if she studied it. Well, I'll remember to mention it the next time we met.'

Noah began to throw Credits inside the array again as he put those thoughts in the back of his mind.

He wasn't interested in the formations' field, and that old masterpiece couldn't give him any benefit.

He simply wanted to know where the teleportation would bring him.

Havok flew from his shoulder to land inside the formation when it was fully activated.

Confused images appeared in Noah's mind once again, but he didn't a.n.a.lyze them just yet.

He continued to throw Credits inside the array to keep it active while his Blood companion's body reconstructed next to him.

Then, he sent Havok inside the s.h.i.+ning lines again.

Havok kept on being destroyed every time the formation teleported it.

Still, Noah completely disregarded the pain that the process caused and continued to use the Blood companion to gather information.

The process was quite expensive, Noah was forced to waste thousands of Credits for each activation of the array.

However, he preferred that approach.

Blindly using an unknown teleportation matrix that was too dangerous, Noah wouldn't dare to step inside it without inspecting the environment on the other side first.

Noah had to send Havok inside the formation dozens of times before obtaining a somewhat clear picture of the scenery on the other side of the array.

He had been forced to waste a bit less than two million Credits to reach that result, and even Havok's ethereal figure had been wounded after that cycle of destruction and reconstruction.

Nevertheless, he now had enough information to formulate a few possible hypotheses.

'It doesn't lead anywhere. It's the entrance to an extremely realistic separate dimension!'

The first thing that he discovered was that the formation wasn't a teleportation matrix, but a door!

'It's something similar to Eccentric Thunder's inheritance ground, only more stable. I would have easily confused it with the real world if I hadn't performed so many inspections.'

Noah could understand it from the lack of visible runes in the sky and ground.

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The sky was dark-blue, which seemed to s.h.i.+ne on its own, and the ground was a vast prairie covered in dark-green gra.s.s.

The separate dimension appeared utterly desolate.

Yet, during the second day next to the old formation, Havok managed to capture the images of what seemed roofs.


Noah exclaimed in his mind when his Blood companion shared the sight of the roofs reflecting the red light of the moons.

'There can't be many strong creatures due to the scarcity of "Breath", and there might even be something interesting hidden inside!'

Noah quickly sent mental messages to the elders at that point.

He was aware that the two demon sects had probably used the formation during the escape and that there had to be a reason why they didn't come out for all those years.

Yet, he was eager to explore that new land, it was straightforward but intense curiosity!

The dimension didn't even appear too dangerous for his level.

After all, he had flown over a rank 6 Fog demon just recently, what would he even fear if he was careful?

The elders agreed with his hypotheses and left the matter of the exploration to him.

They knew that the Demon Prince had to be left free to follow his individuality, they would never hinder his path on purpose.

Also, Noah was more than skilled in surviving in unknown environments.

There was no one more suitable than him to explore a forgotten separate dimension.

Noah simply waited until Havok's ethereal figure healed before activating the old formation and stepping inside it.

The light radiated by the lines flickered, and his figure was nowhere to be seen after that radiance dispersed.

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