Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 613 613. Ants

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Chasing Demon left at that point, and Noah didn't hesitate to reach for the scroll on the floor.

The scroll contained the description of a battle between rank 6 cultivators and a quasi-rank 7 creature, he simply couldn't control himself from diving into its contents.

Noah soon understood that Chasing Demon didn't just add a few considerations to the description of the battle.

The Patriarch had taken time to write down the thoughts and emotions that had surged inside his mind when he watched the other powerhouses' attacks, and he tried to link them to what he knew about their individuality.

'G.o.d's Right Hand acts as a natural calamity, he is detached and oppressing. I can only describe him as the Tribulation that follows the G.o.d of the Empire's orders.'

'G.o.d's Left Hand is similar to him. Her winds carry the power of a natural calamity, but there is deep wors.h.i.+p inside them. I can't help but take her as another Tribulation of her leader.'

'Great Elder Diana is calm and precise. Her lightning has the power to pierce the piece of Immortal Lands from side to side, but she can restrain it with her impeccable control. Her handling of such chaotic energy makes her more threatening that any calamity.'

'King Elbas is arrogant, but real achievements back that feeling. His pride overflows from every fiber of his body, and he uses himself to fuel his flames. It's as if he knows that there is no better fuel than himself.'

'The G.o.d of the Empire is so powerful that even time bends to his will.'

Noah finished reading his considerations and couldn't help but stare at the last phrase, the one concerning the rank 7 cultivator.

The scroll made him understand the cause behind Chasing Demon's sour mood, but it also gave him many exciting insights into the individualities of the powerhouses.

Of course, there was nothing that could be understood from his description of the G.o.d, it was clear that even Chasing Demon didn't have the power to evaluate such a powerful ent.i.ty.

'Cultivators at the peak of the heroic ranks couldn't do anything against a quasi-rank 7 beast. They couldn't even begin to quantify the power held by beings that have taken a step toward the divine.'

Noah felt calm even if messy thoughts kept on surging inside his mind.

He read the contents of the scrolls many times and made sure to store it inside his s.p.a.ce-ring when he felt satisfied.

The value of the contents of the scroll was immense, any heroic cultivator would be willing to pay a fortune only to take a peek at the world at the peak of the heroic ranks.

However, Noah had no intention to sell it.

His status as a rank 4 cultivator didn't allow him to understand the depth of Chasing Demon's considerations, his level was simply too low to imagine the battle between such strong beings.

Yet, there was a chance that he could gain some insights from it once he became more powerful.

Also, he didn't lack financial a.s.sets and resources right now, he couldn't find any reason to sell that valuable scroll.

'Heroic cultivators are completely different existences compared to those in the human ranks. Those differences enlarge as their power grows and culminates in the divine ranks. Why is someone able to stop the time of the most powerful existences in the Mortal Lands still here? Why is his nation even waging wars?'

Noah's thoughts led to many questions, especially when they concerned the G.o.d of the Shandal Empire.

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There didn't seem to be any apparent reason for his actions, he simply appeared and left whenever he wanted.

'Those who rely too much on their organizations forget about themselves, only true individuality can give birth to laws that can't be contained by Heaven and Earth.'

Noah thought and took out a large barrel from his s.p.a.ce-ring.

That barrel was a rank 4 inscribed item that he had found inside Divine Demon's inheritance and decided to keep.

The Body-inscription spell required the blood of the magical beasts that Noah wanted to turn into Blood companions to function.

The blood of a magical beast obviously radiated part of its power, which meant that normal items couldn't contain it if it came from a powerful creature.

Ordinary items had been fine for peak rank 4 beasts, but Noah didn't plan to remain a rank 4 mage forever.

So, he had decided to keep that inscribed barrel to be prepared for when his mind became able to subdue rank 5 beasts.

Noah opened the barrel, and a dense, dark liquid appeared in his view.

The sight of that liquid made his hunger skyrocket, no rank 4 beast could control itself when put in front of materials that came from rank 5 beasts after all.

'The blood should be the easiest to digest. The body parts and the complete body will have to wait until I completely absorb the contents of this barrel.'

Noah thought as he cupped his hands to take a small sip of the rank 5 blood contained inside the inscribed barrel, he was ready to push his body toward the next stage!

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