Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 605 605. Horns

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Chasing Demon waved his hand and large fissures appeared on the surface of the mountain chain under the group.

G.o.d's Right Hand raised his arm and dark clouds acc.u.mulated in the sky above him.

The clouds released thick drops that shone with a dark purple color and fell in the cracks created by Chasing Demon.

The insides of the mountains and the underground structure under them were soon submerged by the purple rain.

Even the surface of those territories was affected by the offensive of those rank 6 cultivators.

Dark-purple rivers formed in the valleys between the mountains and earthquakes filled the land even after Chasing Demon's spell was over.

Great Elder Diana snapped her fingers, and vast orange sparks gathered over specific fissures of the mountains.

The sparks released lightning bolts on the terrain and used the purple water as a conduit for their destructive force.

The ground began to cave in as the underground structure of the area was destabilized.

Vast canyons and fissures spread through the central territories of the new continent.

The mountain chain crumbled, and the underground lair of the winged beasts was submerged by debris and dark-purple water.

G.o.d's Right Hand rain contained poisonous capabilities that affected every living being that came in contact with it.

Smelly fumes began to come out from the crumbled environment, which signaled that the water had finally reached some life form.

Angry roars began to resound from under the land, and hundreds of figures soon pierced the ground to appear in the air under the group of cultivators.

Hundreds of rank 5 winged beasts appeared and surrounded the group of cultivators, but the powerhouses of the forces of the continent didn't even look at them.

Their focus was on the six rank 6 beasts that had emerged only to stay at some distance from them.

No trace of the quasi-rank 7 could be seen, but it was clear that the cultivators had forced the pack to reveal its full power.

King Elbas tore one of his silver hair and let fly in the in the wind.

The hair took fire as it fell toward the ground, and the small tongues of flames on its surface expanded during the fall.

That single hair became a fiery winged snake that kept on enlarging.

The rank 5 winged beasts had just begun to reorganize and were ready to launch another joint mental attack when the fiery snake shot toward them and crashed on their formation.

A sea of flames spread whenever the winged snake moved, the hundreds of rank 5 creatures were soon turned into ashes by the powerful spell of the powerhouse of the Utra nation.

Such a powerful army was destroyed in one attack.

The six rank 6 beasts felt the need to retreat at that point.

They were still weak, most of the resources acc.u.mulated in the last period had been directed to the strengthening of the pack.

Yet, a dense mental wave reached their horns and forced them to charge at the five ent.i.ties that were threatening the life of their leader.

A harsh battle began at that point.

Magical beasts had only one center of power, but it required an immense amount of "Breath" to improve.

A rank 6 beast's body was almost indestructible and was capable of a physical might that could leave any cultivator in awe.

Even the winged beasts that were specialized in mental attacks could tear apart the frail bodies of cultivators with a simple wave of their claws.

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After all, a cultivator's body was mainly meant to contain the sea of consciousness and dantian, any other feature was something that originated from the nouris.h.i.+ng method.

Those two powerful beasts couldn't oppose that attack and saw their bodies being reduced into pieces.

Generally speaking, a rank 6 beast had no chance against a rank 6 cultivator.

Nevertheless, that crisis featured six creatures that could perfectly fuse their attacks against five cultivators that were still wary of the quasi-rank 7 leader hiding underground.

It would be reckless to go all out from the beginning, especially since their enemy was an intelligent species.

The safe approach would lead to the best outcome, so the cultivators simply limited themselves to destroy their enemies slowly.

The leader of the pack didn't have the same thoughts though.

The quasi-rank 7 creature came out of its hideout as soon as it saw some of its strongest soldiers die, and released a loud cry that shook the entirety of the continent once again.

The cultivators there weren't affected by the cry, but the inscribed horns floating in front of them shattered under the might of that roar.

The remaining rank 6 beasts showed signs of struggle, but they couldn't oppose their leader's orders and retreated to gather around it.

The quasi-rank 7 being innately radiated mental vibrations that spread in the air around it.

Those vibrations were so dense that even the rank 6 cultivators on the scene found it hard to keep their focus on it.

Only G.o.d's Right Hand, King Elbas, and Great Elder Diana managed to keep their eyes on the creature.

The leader didn't care about the humans on the scene and gave a simple order to the four beasts around it.

To the powerhouse's surprise, the four rank 6 creatures tore their curved horns and offered them to their leader.

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