Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 60 - 60. Assea

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The rank 3 Earth snake retreated once the wound was inflicted but was met by the fangs of the blood companion that appeared behind it.

Noah had made it retreat inside his body and released it toward the beast to speed its attack.

The companion stabbed its fangs into the rank 3 beast's body and held firmly onto it and Noah followed shooting a dozen wind slashes.

The Earth snake could not avoid the a.s.sault since Noah's snake was keeping it still and was. .h.i.t by the river of flying slashes.

Wounds appeared on its body as it hissed in pain, meanwhile, the rank 2 snakes left behind in its retreat had reached them and were jumping on the two enemies.

Noah once again absorbed the companion and launched it at the pack while he jumped at the rank 3 beast.

The blood companion thrashed out its body on the tens of rank 2 beasts and madly attacked without caring for the injuries it was experiencing.

Every time its body was bitten or hit, some of Noah's "Breath" would be expended to heal it.

In the few minutes since the battle had begun, Noah's storage of "Breath" was halved.

While the blood companion was keeping the pack away, Noah engaged in a solitary fight with the rank 3 snake a.s.saulting it relentlessly.

He managed to heavily injure the beast in the initial clashes and was pressing in his attacks to slowly drain away the strength of the snake.

The Earth snake was a rank 3 beast, its intelligence was superior to the one of weaker magical beasts.

It understood that with the initial advantage taken by the invaders its situation was turning grim so it continued to defend its head waiting for the pack to come in rescue.

Noah though, could not waste time as his storage of "Breath" diminished rapidly with every second that he spent fighting and the absorption from his acupoints was barely enough to sustain the blood companion's battle.

He violently stabbed in the snake's skin acc.u.mulating wounds on its body as blood rained down from its figure.

When more than forty deep cuts were on the beast's body, it finally slowed down in its movements and Noah managed to deliver a firm lunge in one of its eyes.

The rank 3 Earth snake convulsed like crazy when the saber stabbed in its head but was stopped by a huge mouth clenching on its throat, the blood companion had appeared below it and immediately attacked.

The pack of rank 2 snakes could not keep up with the speed of Noah's snake retreating in his body and were left behind watching their leader's last moments.

The Earth snake collapsed on the ground and Noah stabbed once again his saber in its head while his companion ripped off a big part of its throat leaving their enemy's head hanging on a small piece of skin.

The rank 3 Earth snake was dead!

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Its pack stared at the two figures near its body for a moment and then dispersed in fear.

Noah took some meat from his s.p.a.ce-ring and ate till he was full, then he neared the end of the cave and laid himself on the ground to sleep.

The ethereal snake had its head outside Noah's body staring carefully at its surroundings.

'The expenditure is not even that much since the blood companion is mostly autonomous, only one order will keep it working for hours. I guess that is balanced by the requirements for the activation of the spell and the constant pressure that is forced on the user due to the sharing of their senses.'

He remembered some of the words in Uriah's diary and nodded internally.

'No wonder Uriah called it "the pinnacle of their art", only by fighting as two instead of alone its power resemble the magic that Orson used and this without considering the other aspects of the blood companion and the fact that our elements are not even the same.'

Noah was extremely satisfied with the power of the spell and knew that the one showed in the previous battle wasn't its full potential.

'When I get the dantian and find out my element I would have to change companion otherwise I would be wasting the real strength of the spell.'

He turned to look at the snake's head that was guarding him and smiled a little.

'I guess I should give it a name while I keep it. Let's go with a.s.sea in honor of those that created the technique.'

Then, Noah closed his eyes and slept, with his companion now named a.s.sea rigorously guarding him.

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