Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 597 597. Lake

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Noah was aware that those horns also had other purposes, but it seemed that their primary ability was to control weaker beings of the same species.

'They have the same purpose as our inscribed notebooks then. No wonder our communication devices can't pa.s.s information anymore, there are too many interferences.'

Noah completed the profile of those creatures through the travel in the underground area.

He and June had been able to cross many kilometers in a couple of weeks since Noah didn't need to create a pa.s.sage there, they could pretty much guess that they would soon reach the area under the yellowish moss.

Noah told his discoveries to June, and they discussed the weaknesses of that species along the road.

It soon became clear that it was pointless to exterminate the weaker beings, that approach would just give enough time to the strongest creatures to return to their peak.

That approach would leave thousands of magical beasts without leaders, which meant that they would probably go rampage on the new continent.

Yet, that outcome was far better than the others.

Noah couldn't even begin to imagine what would happen if the rank 6 specimens of the pack and its leader were allowed to return to their peak, only the joint effort of the rank 6 cultivators in the Mortal Lands would be able to stop them.

"They can't be so stupid, right? They have to realize this."

Noah gave voice to that question even if he already knew the answer.

The cultivators on the surface would be mostly busy defending the territories of their nations, focusing on limiting the losses on their territories rather than attacking the leaders of the pack.

Also, the political tension between the four countries would prevent the creation of a joint front unless the situation became too critical.

Noah could already see hundreds of rank 4 magical beasts dying to feed the rank 6 winged beasts in their pack and succeeding in restoring their power.

He released a sigh when his mind portrayed that vision, and he turned to speak to the woman behind him.

"June, we nee-"

Noah wasn't able to finish his phrase since June suddenly put her index on his lips and laid her head on his chest.

"I know, we need to warn them. Humans can't lose the piece of Immortal Lands, or our future prospects will be endangered. It's fine, let's hurry back to the Hive, we will take our time once we get there."

June finished Noah's sentence, and he couldn't help but caress her hair when she saw her hugging him.

Losing the new continent would hinder their path toward the higher ranks and would leave the pack of winged beasts free to thrive.

Killing hundreds or even thousands of rank 4 specimens was useless since they were treated like puppets, and the powerful beings in the pack controlled most of their actions.

The leaders could easily refill their ranks, they could just force them to procreate and feed them with corpses that were useless to them.

Reaching the fourth rank for a magical beast was a slow and harsh process unless it had access to a large amount of nourishment.

Noah had been able to reach the upper tier in a bit more than four years since his battle prowess allowed him to hunt powerful beasts after all.

The same could happen for the weakest creatures in the pack of winged beasts, the leaders would just force their growth and refill the number of p.a.w.ns in their grasp.

The four nations would just have to face an endless army at that point while the rank 6 beasts kept on recovering their power.

That outcome had to be avoided at all costs.

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The leaders of the four nations had to be warned as soon as possible, even if it meant sacrificing part of their intimate time.

Noah's stamina was almost limitless, but his hunger couldn't be appeased so easily.

Also, they had just decided to hurry, meaning that Noah didn't stop excavating for entire weeks.

That forced Noah to take breaks to eat, something that gave to the couple time to satisfy their desires for intimacy.

June was initially surprised to see Noah eat entire corpses of rank 4 beasts, but she soon became used to that.

Her body had been reconstructed by a formation after all, she was in no position to judge other body-nouris.h.i.+ng methods.

Also, that practice was one of the things that allowed Noah to express his incredible physical strength, the same strength that was allowing them to cross the new continent without encountering any deadly danger.

Eating the raw meat of a magical beast was a reasonable requirement, she would even envy him if she didn't already have a body that perfectly suited her apt.i.tude.

Crossing the area under the plain filled with yellowish moss took a bit more than a month since they had been forced to change route many times.

Yet, they managed to safely reach the next area without having to release any "Breath".

It was at that point that the environment changed.

Noah destroyed the wall in front of him, and another vast area appeared in front of the duo.

Nevertheless, sunlight reached those depths, and the couple was immediately able to notice that murky water occupied the bottom of that area.

The ceiling there was nonexistent, which meant that the lake inhabited by the octopuses had simply fallen underground when the winged beasts flew back on the surface.

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