Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 590 590. Hostage

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"Yet, he left, and the truth behind his ident.i.ty was spread through the old continent. The person that I admired so much turned out to be a criminal who only cared about power and was ready to forsake everything else."

June's smile disappeared when she spoke those words.

Noah didn't reveal any expression and June lowered her head in the silence that followed, only Faith continued to move her gaze between the two of them.

June seemed to have revealed her true feelings, but the end of her speech was somewhat hurried.

However, there was a limit to how many clues Faith could pick up.

June's words were close to the truth after all, her lies were hidden under the feelings that she had really felt.

"Is she speaking the truth? Are you nothing but an addict ready to sacrifice anything just to improve?"

Faith asked when she realized that June wasn't going to speak anymore.

The temperature inside the underground area seemed to drop when Noah opened his mouth to speak.

"Yes. I devour what I need and destroy what opposes me. Everything I do is for my benefit."

Noah's answer made Faith's expression become cold.

"I have to say, I expected more from the famous Demon Prince."

Faith shook her head after she spoke those words.

It was clear that she couldn't learn anything else from them, especially after Noah claimed to be precisely as the reports said.

Noah didn't mind her comment, he was that type of person after all.

He knew that he was slowly accepting other things inside his mind, but that process was still ongoing.

The way he saw it, caring about something was pointless if he didn't have the power to hold it.

No one spoke after that last exchange of words, the three envoys simply focused on their centers of powers.

Little by little, June and Faith managed to open their eyes, but b.l.o.o.d.y veins still lingered on those organs.

The deafening cry had hurt them deeply, even Noah's internal organs needed some time to recover.

Minutes became hours, and hours eventually became days.

The three cultivators hidden underground focused on their recovery and rarely spoke, only Faith broke the silence from time to time to question June about random matters.

"What kind of family do you have?"

"Will you have children in the future?"

"What do you think about the Elbas family?"

"What do you think about my nation?"

"Will you get married at some point?"

"Is orange your favorite color?"

Those questions came out of Faith's mouth from time to time, she seemed interested in learning more about June.

June gave short answers without ever revealing too much about herself.

Her mind was too messy to care about bonding with the envoy of an enemy nation.

The sound of battles resounded continuously above them, but she could only think about the man that was stuck with him.

She had finally met Noah after twenty years of work under the Elbas family only to be forced to keep some distance from him.

Noah had similar thoughts about her, but they weren't his main concern.

His instincts screamed to no end due to the battlefield above him, and they had yet to receive any news from the four forces on the new continent.

'Maybe, the sudden appearance of the pack has temporally disabled the communications between the inscribed notebooks.'

Noah couldn't help but reach that conclusion.

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A sudden increase in the "Breath" radiated on the surface could affect the mental messages sent by those inscribed items.

The three cultivators immediately blamed Noah for Andrew's disappearance.

'This group must be formed by the escorts of the envoys. This is bad, I had planned to use their intel and escape before meeting them, but now…'

Hundreds of thoughts rose inside Noah's mind as he tried to find a way out of that situation.

"Wait, he has sav-"

"Silence, Lady Vigny, this is a matter between the Empire and the Demon Prince."

Faith tried to explain the situation, but one of the cultivators belonging from the Utra nation interrupted her phrase.

It was clear that the forces of the Elbas family wanted to use that chance to take Noah with him, they were even willing to let the Empire take him in custody.

'I can't let them take me to their territories, I don't know what they will do to me or what price the Hive will have to pay for my release. Well, Chasing Demon will find a way to justify my actions.'

Noah thought while his arm shot in front of him.

Black flames appeared in front of him, and his arm directly pieced them.

Yet, nothing came out from the other side of the flames.

The cultivators above him were surprised, but they were all in the fourth rank, they weren't fast enough to stop Noah's actions.

Black flames appeared behind June, and Noah's hand came out of them to grab the collar of her robe.

Then, Noah directly pulled and threw the powerless June toward him.

June suddenly felt her waist being held by a firm but careful arm, and a cold sensation spread from her throat when a black saber neared it.

In less than an instant, Noah had thrown her inside his arms and trapped her.

Then, she heard his cold voice.

"Take one step forward, and she dies."

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