Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 572 572. Corpses

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Daniel couldn't find the strength to answer Noah.

What demoralized him even more was that he couldn't turn that question toward Noah.

He had watched his battle against Amos, he knew that Noah could defend against the attack of a rank 4 cultivator in the solid stage, not even his father could kill him in one strike.

Daniel could only lower his head.

His mind was a mess, he was beginning to question the very reason why he had come there.

He had always known that Noah was strong, his battle against Adrian had proved that.

Yet, he believed that he could still be Noah's match sooner or later, or at least a worthy rival.

After all, he was only forty, but his dantian was already in the fourth rank.

That achievement made him a genius in the cultivation world, but Noah was even above that t.i.tle.

His belief was incredibly distant from the truth.

Daniel suddenly began to feel unworthy of seating among complete heroic cultivators.

Noah's words resounded in his mind, he realized that he was sitting there due to his position inside the Udye family and not thanks to his personal power.

Everything that Noah had said was true.

'I might have helped him.'

Noah thought as he moved his gaze toward Ian while picking his cup from the mat.

He knew that shattering someone's belief could lead to two very different results: The person could either fall apart, unable to stand up anymore, or use that experience to solidify its individuality.

'It seems that I can't help but spread my influence when I don't hide. Maybe, the chaos that I radiate will eventually destabilize Heaven and Earth. Is this akin to plant seeds fueled by my intrinsic mistake? Is this a form of creation?'

Noah's mind wandered while he a.n.a.lyzed the influences that his individuality had on the world around him.

'An individuality absorbs laws to become a law with no connections to Heaven and Earth. Are these effects part of the law that I will become?'

The banquet became far more enjoyable now that Noah had managed to enter a meditative state.

The other cultivators on the couches couldn't see that event, but Elder Julia's eyes sparkled for an instant when she saw his expression.

Octavia was too focused on Daniel's mental state to care about her surroundings, and Ian had an unsightly expression on his face.

That discussion had proved that the Hive had the best prodigy, Daniel wasn't even close to Noah's level nor mindset.

"I think we can start the negotiations."

Elder Duke stepped in to disperse that awkward atmosphere, the Hive had yet to seal a pact with the Udye family after all.

However, Noah's performance had set the foundation for a good deal, it was now evident that the Hive completely overpowered those n.o.bles.

Elder Duke and Ian began to discuss the details of a possible agreement.

They first listed the resources that interested them.

Elder Duke explained how everything that didn't concern the formations field could be useful to the Hive, and Ian expressed his interest in the soil of the azure plain.

Their conversation then became more specific, involving even manuals for certain inscription methods and magical plants.

The Hive wanted to nurture experts and become self-sufficient, but it lacked the basics in many fields.

Its only way to create something similar to the academy was to purchase tomes and scrolls that taught those methods.

The Udye family, instead, was interested in increasing its wealth.

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The White woods and the Azure Credits could become a reliable source of income if the n.o.bles managed to make those plants grow in the old continent.

Noah's answer stunned Daniel.

There was recognition in his words, something that Daniel didn't expect to receive after their previous conversation.

The banquet ended after Noah's words, all the other details had already been discussed previously, and it was only a matter to create an oath now.

Elder Julia and the others left the room, but Noah remained in the hall to think.

The flavor of the wine brought back happy memories.

It reminded him of his cohabitation with June, of Ivor, and his life in the academy.

It reminded him of the period when he was simply Vance, a member of the hunters' guild.

"Thank you for your pointers, I feel as if I was living in an illusion until now."

Daniel's voice resounded in the hall, but Noah didn't turn, he had obviously noticed his arrival.

"There is just one question that you have yet to answer, and I will be thankful if you did. Are you really the monster described in the reports?"

Daniel's words entered Noah's mind, and his peaceful memories immediately disappeared.

Images of countless corpses began to fill his thoughts, all the people that he had killed to reach his current rank appeared in front of him before falling under his feet.

The many battles that he had fought, the experiments for the creation of the hybrids, Noah was aware of all the lives that he had taken.

Noah saw himself standing on a ma.s.sive pile of corpses, they resembled a hill built only to bring him closer to the stars in the sky.

"I'm worse than that."

Daniel bowed and left the hall when he heard that answer, leaving Noah alone with his thoughts.

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