Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 555 - 555. Emblem

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One versus one battles continued to happen in the following days.

The remaining territories on the southwestern coast didn't appeal the two big nations that much, so they simply sent heroic cultivators that wanted to make a name for themselves.

Elder Laurel fought for the forest of White woods against an elder of the Papral nation.

She exchanged many rounds of offense and defense against her enemy, proving herself weaker after every clash.

Yet, just when her energies were about to deplete, the White woods under the battlefield suddenly released toxic substances in the air, which filled the area where the two elders were fighting.

Of course, that phenomenon had been triggered by Elder Laurel, she had spent months attuning the defensive measures around the teleportation matrix with the forest after all, she could easily control them in the air.

Her opponent wasn't prepared for that event and was forced to surrender since Elder Laurel seemed unaffected by those toxic

The contender couldn't possibly know that the elder from the Coral archipelago had specially requested for a spell that she knew would have blocked the toxins of the White woods.

The Hive could breathe a sigh of relief after the forest was secured, all the proofs of its unofficial invasion were under the white crowns of those magical plants, and they would be forever hidden now that the archipelago owned the territory.

The Hive then lost the battles for the mountains inhabited by snake-type magical beasts and for the gra.s.sland filled by the yellow moss.

Those territories were situated next to the domain of the Papral nation, the Council didn't want to see its borders being affected too much by the pact, so they used their best contenders in those battles.

On the other hand, the Hive didn't really want those territories.

Its a.s.sets were far less numerous compared to those of the big nations, obtaining more lands that it could defend would end up being a disadvantage in the long run.

Elder Jason performed exceptionally well in the battle for the lake inhabited by octopus-type magical beasts, his flames seemed fueled by some sort of indomitable will as they crashed on his opponent, ultimately forcing the latter to surrender.

The Papral nation then sent a newly advanced heroic cultivator for the territory with the poisonous rivers.

That land was too far away from its domains, it wasn't worth owning it due to geographical reasons, it was better to use it as a training ground for a new heroic a.s.set.

The fights for the territories on the western coast ended like that, the Hive would control everything from the desert to the lake inhabited by the octopus-type magical beasts and leave the remaining coastline to the Papral nation.

Only two territories had yet to be claimed on the southwestern coast: the area inhabited by ape-type magical beasts after the lava lake and the beginning of the mountain chain after the azure plain.

Those two areas were virtually worthless, the mountain chain was inhabited by beings so strong that only Chasing Demon or other rank 6 existences could face, and the other only had some valueless magical plants.

The aftereffects of the pact sealed by the rank 6 existences of the four nations seemed about to end, Noah was already planning his next move when something unexpected happened.

Elder Hope went to fight for the territory after the lava lake, she knew that her opponent would either be Amos Lochster or a heroic cultivator that the Royals wanted to train.

Yet, what appeared in front of her was a man wearing an emblem that she recognized.

Elder Hope had rarely left the Coral archipelago in her life, and she had never studied the many n.o.ble families that filled the Utra nation.

She was able to recognize that emblem because it usually appeared in the reports concerning the Demon Prince of the Hive that came from the Utra nation!

"Lord Balvan, I presume."

Elder Hope spoke when Adrian Balvan neared the borders of the lava lake to talk to her.

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"I'm flattered, I would have never thought that the Hive would be aware of my family's emblem."

Elder Hope ultimately answered.

Adrian showed a surprised expression, but the elder's next words relieved him a bit.

"The Prince is already on his way."




In the sky over the desert, just before Adrian Balvan neared Elder Hope.

The elders of the Hive were watching the incoming battle through a crystal.

Noah was there too, his mind wandered from time to time as he a.n.a.lyzed the fights of his companions, his eagerness to resume his training was almost uncontainable after all the inspirations obtained in the last days.

Yet, when Adrian became visible in the crystal and the emblem was reflected in those images, he instinctively kicked the air under his feet to shot in the direction of Elder Hope's battle.

The elders around him were surprised by that sudden action, Noah had abruptly used a martial art after all.

However, when they saw Adrian's emblem too, they picked their inscribed notebooks to inform Elder Hope about the Prince's gesture.

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