Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 552 - 552. Enemy

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"Balance? Fairness? Innately good!?"

Noah shouted to the confused Amos.

Noah had only been able to hold his laugh back because he needed to weaken Amos' body further.

Yet, when he saw that his skin had begun to burn too, he simply stopped pretending.

"Heaven and Earth are just powerful ent.i.ties bound by their same rules, they would wipe out any cultivator, magical plant, and magical beast if they could. Why do you think there are Tribulations? Why do you think magical beasts can absorb any type of "Breath"? Heaven and Earth have set a balance that they can't escape!"

Noah revealed what he had understood after living as a hybrid for many years.

Of course, that was only a hypothesis, but Noah felt that it was quite close to the truth.

Why magical beasts could absorb any type of "Breath"?

Why did he feel like an enemy of that marvelous energy?

Why did Heaven fear the union between a human and a beast so much?

Noah believed that the fairness of Heaven and Earth caused all of that.

"They do not bless us, we are their natural enemy! Our only role is to bring balance to their omnipotence!"

Noah revealed everything that he thought about the world.

Amos was stunned, he had never considered similar ideas, he had always believed that the "Breath" was a gift and that the Tribulations were some sort of a test.

It took a while before he felt like speaking, he wanted to hear more about those ideas.

After all, Noah was an existence that viewed most living beings as enemies of the world, he had never seen such a peculiar individuality.

"How can you be sure of that?"

Noah shrugged his shoulders when he heard those words, and he revealed a simple smile as he answered him.

"I'm not, only G.o.ds can have a clear idea of the nature of Heaven and Earth."

Amos came back to reality after Noah's answer, he had noticed that something was wrong, but the latter's revelation had made him ignore that aspect.

Yet, now that he focused again, he saw that something strange was happening on Noah's body.

The patches of burned skin quickly healed, and "Breath" began to circulate again around it.

He had only pretended that his dantian was empty, the truth was that he had simply stopped using it to defend his body.

The same went for his injuries, Noah had allowed his skin to be burned, but he was far away from reaching his physical limits.

He was a hybrid in the upper tier after all, his natural defenses against those heatwaves were on a whole different level compared to a human body.

Also, the air around him was darker, Noah had continuously absorbed the light radiated by the lava lake to lower its power.

"What is happening? How can your body be fine after all this time and without protection?"

Amos asked.

He didn't retreat when Noah dropped the act, he didn't feel any fear for his life even when he revealed his wild aura.

However, he was still stupefied by his healthy complexion.

Amos was using solid "Breath" to protect his body, but the heat still managed to affect him.

Noah, instead, had stopped relying on his gaseous "Breath" for protection for some time already, but it seemed that he didn't suffer any injury!

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That outcome should have been impossible since both of them had a rank 4 body in the upper tier, Amos simply couldn't understand what was going on!

A black sphere appeared in front of him, and Zac covered his body while his figure became ethereal.

Right after Noah deployed his defensive measures, a torrent of flames engulfed Zac's fuming figure.

Noah felt the Black hole spell shattering after it absorbed a huge amount of energies, he felt the flames destroying the defensive layers in front of Zac's sh.e.l.l, and he endured the pain of his Blood companion when the attack pierced its body to reach him.

The torrent of flames continued for a few seconds before dispersing and revealing Noah's charred figure.

Most of his skin had been burned to withstand the attack, but his internal organs had been unaffected at that time, his body had clearly improved since his battle with Fred.

Also, the Demonic form spell had provided another layer of protection, further weakening the attack of a true solid stage cultivator.

The torrent of flames had dispersed the gray clouds, revealing an equally burned Amos that couldn't hide his surprise when he saw that Noah was alive.

He was about to launch another attack when he saw that Noah was once again creating his defenses, the latter felt confident in surviving at least three of those spells.

However, Amos didn't have all that time.

His skin was completely burned, the heat had begun to affect his muscles, and his internal organs would quickly follow them.

Wasting time to launch another attack would injure him, and launching a third one would inflict him lasting wounds, Noah had perfectly calculated how much Amos' body could endure.

Also, the damage had spread so much that even retreating high in the sky won't solve the issue, Amos had to retreat and heal if he wanted to prevent further injuries.

Amos simply had to choose how far he was willing to go to win.

Those seconds of hesitation further sealed the outcome of the match.

In the silence of the rocky wasteland, a phrase resounded in the air.

"I surrender."

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