Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 55 - 55. Golem

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Noah rested for half a day.

After he woke up, he ate a light meal and stretched a map in front of him.

The map was pretty simple but it described a large area of the Utra continent, it was the best one Noah managed to find in the outer circle.

'I'm going in the opposite direction of Balvan mansion but maybe there will be a path to the surface there.'

He had gone where the "Breath"'s concentration was lower during the fight which was on the contrary way of his mansion.

'I should first explore this area. I don't really want to face those beasts packs unless I'm forced to.'

He stood up and exited the cave.

He finally had the time to look carefully at the environment of the valley.

The ground was filled with green gra.s.s and light shone brightly from the fog above it.

'Strange, it has been half a day but the night did not come. Maybe the fog has something to do with this.'

The fog was constantly releasing daylight making every detail of the valley vivid and clear.

Noah continued his exploration of the area where the "Breath" was less dense.

Many rank 1 snake-type magical beasts were hiding at his sight, returning to their caves or simply crawling away.

The walls around him were steep and were not suitable for climbing, Noah almost considered to give up on the exploration of this side of the valley when something unusual appeared in his sight.

It was at the end of the valley and there were almost no magical beasts, the walls too were still steep.

However, on the ground, there were remains of a man-made building.

'How is this possible?'

Noah got close to the wrecked structure to inspect it but then a ma.s.sive figure shot out in his direction.

Noah hastily unsheathed his sabers to block the attack and got flung away for some meters by it.

He raised his guard and waited for another attack to come but nothing happened.

He took a look at the immobile figure standing in front of the building.

It was a three meters tall set of armor with no face appearing on the helmet's hole.

Blue runes emitted a soft light through all its body creating a blue halo around its figure.

There were signs of combat on the armor as it was full of dents and holes.

Seeing that the armor was unmoving, Noah relaxed and thought for a bit.

'Is it defending that area? How do I destroy it?'

He slashed in the air and a blade of wind shot out in the direction of the golem.

The golem raised its arms to block the blow and only a slight mark appeared on them after they clashed with Noah's attack.

'Mh, I should be able to break it if I go all out but that would leave me powerless. I don't know if it is the only one there.'

His attention s.h.i.+fted to the blue runes.

'It should be fueled by those inscriptions, maybe it will stop working if I break them.'

After he set up the plan, he no longer hesitated.

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He jumped straight at the golem launching three wind slashes and moved to its side.

Sometimes he would find old skulls or bones, sometimes only useless remains.

Meanwhile, a doubt formed in his mind.

'If they were at the same level as my family, how is it possible that they were destroyed in this relatively safe area?'

The signs of struggle indicated that a battle had occurred but Noah did not understand who or what had the strength to defeat them.

'Even the pack of Earth snakes could not do it, so how did they die?'

He arrived at the inner part of the mansion while thinking that.

A big broken door divided the area and three-four meters golems were in pieces on the ground.

Noah examined the dents on their armor and concluded that it was the work of a magical beast.

'This place has more dangers than simply rank 3 magical beasts.'

A sense of restlessness grew inside him as he became determined to get out of the valley as soon as possible.

He pa.s.sed the big door and entered the inner part of the mansion.

The insides were slightly more intact than the outsides and from some of the remains, you could imagine how luxurious it should have been before.

Noah moved quickly and stopped only after he found a small metal door still closed in one of the rooms.

He became excited and pushed the door open still holding his sabers.

The door was heavy and sounds came from the ground as it opened.

Noah took a look at the other side and saw a small room almost empty except for a skeleton sitting on a throne with his limbs crossed.

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