Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 541 - 541. Flaming figure

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The cultivators of the Utra nation were all injured, they couldn't express their full power.

At the same time, Noah had never been more powerful.

The enlightenments had slightly improved all the abilities that used the darkness element, and his whole essence brimmed with confidence, he knew exactly how strong he was.

Havok flew at an incredible speed through the fissures created by his slashes, the corrosive smoke still lingering in the air further improved its speed when it dove through it.

Roy's companion couldn't do anything, Havok was too fast, and their spells had already been pierced, they could only watch as the black trail engulfed Roy's head and brought his lifeless body back to Noah.

Noah quickly cut away the parts of Roy's body that were being eroded by the black smoke and stored the rest, there would be time to eat his dantian after the battle was over.

Noah's dantian didn't lack "Breath", his cultivation technique refilled it at full speed, he could battle for a while without caring about it.

Only his mental energy diminished at a fast pace, using so many spells at the same time placed a heavy toll on his mind.

However, Noah had been a rank 4 mage for almost five years by then, he could easily keep using his full power for a while.

For the first time in his life, he could take part in extended battles!

"What have you done!"

The man at his side shouted as he charged toward Noah.

They had just survived the siege on the Shandal Empire only to find themselves in another battle.

They outnumbered their enemies, but their injuries were quite severe, and their centers of power didn't have many reserves, their situation wasn't good.

Yet, they would have never expected that one of them could die so soon.

Noah saw the man coming for him, and his sabers traced a cross in the air when he slashed them.

The man was prepared for his attack, and countless starfishes appeared the trajectory of the slashes as he flew toward the fiendish figure.

A fissure with the shape of a cross appeared in the barrage of starfishes, and black smoke lingered on its borders.

Still, the spell successfully blocked Noah's attack once again, giving an opportunity to the cultivator.

The man stretched his hand as he flew toward Noah, the water that made the starfishes gathered on his arm and transformed it into a threatening reptilian claw.

Zac came out to intercept the man's spell, the azure claw pierced its defensive layers and sh.e.l.l, but part of its power had been expended in the process, allowing Noah to block it with his sabers.

The Demonic swords were rank 4 items created with his flesh, and his body wielded the might of a hybrid that used a secret technique.

His weapons managed to remain intact after the clash, and his physical strength allowed him to stay still, the man couldn't help but think that he had clashed with an immovable mountain.

The black smoke surrounding Noah began to affect the azure claw, the armor of water was slowly being pierced by the corrosive capabilities of Noah's spell.

Yet, at that moment, Noah sensed a threat coming from behind him.

His consciousness saw the woman wielding two icy swords diving toward him, a layer of ice covered the surface of her skin.

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Still, its snowy color was tainted by the blood flowing out of her many injuries, it seemed that utilizing that spell further worsened her wounds.

Noah thought in that brief moment of peace.

His mind was still somewhat ok, but he had used the secret art since the beginning of the battle, he felt hungry beyond reason at that moment.

Noah knew that he could just eat Roy's dantian to fill his body with nourishments, but the dantians of the cultivators were the meal that made his body improve the most, he didn't want to waste it just to keep fighting.

Of course, he wouldn't hesitate to do so if the situation required it, but he could still hold on.

Noah gave a few orders to the spirit automaton inside his s.p.a.ce-ring while he kept his attention on the two enemies in the distance.

The man was relatively fine, the battle had stopped the regeneration of his burned skin, but he didn't suffer any other injury during the clashes.

On the other hand, the woman's face was ashen.

Noah's flames had destroyed her weakened layer of ice, and the cuts on her body enlarged in the impact, she seemed on the verge of collapsing due to her exhaustion.

Meanwhile, the spirit automaton sent pieces of the corpses of the strongest creatures stored inside Noah's ring, Noah quickly stuffed them inside his mouth before the smoke around him could affect them.

'They are communicating.'

Noah realized that when he saw that his two enemies were using part of their consciousnesses for other matters, he guessed that they were preparing a plan of some sort.

He turned toward the woman and was about to charge at her to interrupt their preparations, but a loud explosion filled the clouds above them with flames, illuminating the area with a vivid red color.

Then, a flaming figure fell from the sky.

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