Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 539

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Chapter 539

The tongues of flames surrounding Elder Austin shot forward, clas.h.i.+ng with the flying brown runes that Lady Edna used as her protection .

The impact between the two attacks created a shockwave that flung away the cultivators of both nations, rank 4 ent.i.ties couldn't even remain near that battle!

Noah was flung back too, but he managed to keep his eyes on the fight as he tried to stop himself, he saw how the runes melted as soon as they came in contact with the elder's flames .

'They resemble rivers of lava . '

Noah couldn't help but think that when he saw Elder Austin's attack, he was almost sure that part of that battle prowess came from the enlightenment obtained next to the lava lake .

More clashes happened mid-air, the two rank 5 cultivators exchanged attacks at an incredible speed, creating shockwaves with their every move .

The sky around them shattered, large cracks formed in the air only to close shortly after, it seemed that the "Breath" in that area struggled to keep up with the destructive force behind those two beings .

Even the obelisk in the distance began to tremble, the buildings in the city at its base started to crumble when the shockwaves swept them, and panic spread among the human cultivators living there .

It was pure chaos .

The battle between such powerful cultivators had instantly altered the environment, it was as if a danger zone had appeared out of nowhere .

Only the heroic cultivators on the scene could somewhat endure the sight of the battle, but those of the Utra nation saw their injuries worsening under that pressure .

"Go after them!"

Lady Edna shouted while she redirected her complete focus on her battle .

More runes formed around her and the ethereal image of a tall tree appeared behind her back .

The ethereal tree resembled the rank 5 Silver-yellow wood, its sharp half-transparent branches linked themselves to the runes, which began to s.h.i.+ne with a brighter light .

That spell was effective since Lady Edna's runes stopped melting under Elder Austin's flames and began to push him back in the sky, it seemed that she wanted to drag him away from the obelisk .

Meanwhile, the remaining eleven cultivators of the Utra nation shot after the elders of the Hive .

There were two rank 4 cultivators in the liquid stage and nine in the gaseous stage in the group of the Utra nation .

However, they were all wounded, some of them even badly .

The cultivators of the Hive saw multiple figures approaching them, it didn't take much before each one of them was surrounded .

Elder Hope found the two liquid stage cultivators at her sides, and even the other elders found themselves with two opponents on their level .

Yet, Noah discovered that a special treatment had been reserved for him .

'So, this is how they want to play it . '

Noah thought as his consciousness retracted and focused on the enemies around him .

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Three cultivators in the gaseous stage had encircled him, it seemed that he was some kind of important target in their mind .

Mental energy was also depleted as a diagram formed over the sea inside his mind, an uneven black sphere formed at the center of his palm and enlarged as more energies were poured inside it .

Noah directly used the Dark blast spell at the beginning of the fight!

"You won't even speak to your professor, maybe you are the demon described in the reports spread throughout the nation . "

Professor Roy sighed and nodded to his companions before waving his remaining arm, the two cultivators next to Noah did the same as they prepared their attacks .

Flames, ice spears, and columns of water shot toward Noah from three different sides, the cultivators encircling him had cast their spells without hesitation .

Zac came out in the open and surrounded Noah with its huge body, defensive layers appeared over its sh.e.l.l right before the spells crashed on it .

'Why would I even hide them though?'

Noah pondered as he felt the spells of the cultivators from the Utra nation destroying the defensive layers and cras.h.i.+ng on Zac's sh.e.l.l .

Noah had obviously improved the natural capabilities of his Blood companions with the elemental forging method .

Zac's defense and Havoc's speed had been enhanced past their limits, those two peak rank 4 magical beasts had turned into beings that were almost as strong as quasi-rank 5 specimens, at least for what concerned those abilities .

Zac's sh.e.l.l endured the attacks and gave Noah time to answer his question .

Then, a roar resounded from inside the companion's body .

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