Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 537

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Chapter 537

Spells needed mental energy and "Breath" as their fuel .

The "Breath" was the power source, while the mental energy had to trace the diagrams needed for the activation of a spell .

A complex system of lines made a diagram, each line carried a specific meaning that produced the desired effect once they were linked together .

To put it simply, a spell was a set of lines that carried different meanings, and that was fueled by mental energy and "Breath" .

Noah had been able to understand those meanings in the past and reproduce those that interested him through his body, creating a martial art which produced similar effects .

Yet, he had never been able to create a spell, he didn't know where to start on that field .

His Elemental forging methods needed materials and wills while the diagrams needed to copy the natural language of the "Breath" in the world, something that he couldn't hear nor read .

He had always thought that he couldn't create spells since he didn't know how to forge a diagram, but the new enlightenment proved him wrong .

'Diagrams are just conduits that force the "Breath" to work in specific ways, they act as laws, they just set a meaning . '

Noah thought as he followed his group past the dark gorge, their slow flight gave him all the time that he needed to ponder about that issue .

'Of course, they aren't just one meaning but a set of them that can create amazing effects once combined . They are even more complex than the will that handles my cultivation technique . '

Noah's attention briefly went on his low-waist, where his small half-transparent figure floated in front of dantian .

Noah had to continually refill the reserves of mental energy of his will to keep it active .

Still, its role was relatively simple, it just regulated the absorption speed of his rank 4 cultivation technique .

The new enlightenment had improved his growth once again, more laws of the darkness element fused with his dantian, favoring the absorption of "Breath" .

That forced Noah to slow down his cultivation through his will .

His dantian enlarged continuously, Noah had to limit his cultivation technique if he wanted to preserve the health of its center of power .

Yet, even if he forcefully slowed down the absorption of "Breath", the speed at which his dantian enlarged continued to grow .

It couldn't be helped, the nourishment of the laws of the darkness element improved the status of his center of power, increasing what it was able to endure .

Because of that, Noah's cultivation speed continued to increase even though he restricted his cultivation technique .

'I need to create a complex will if I want to create a spell . Such a will should express the effects that I wish for once I fill it with my "Breath" . It is doable . '

Noah had finally understood why he couldn't forge a spell through his inscription method: Because it was the wrong approach!

The Elemental forging method imbued meanings in items, transforming them in the process .

Instead, spells needed understanding, cultivators could either copy the work of Heaven and Earth or invent something equally complicated .

Of course, that wasn't something that Noah could do right now, he needed time and a safe environment where to test those ideas, and the enemy territory didn't meet those requirements at all .

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Days pa.s.sed without encountering any heroic cultivator, even the elders would take weeks to cross those territories at that speed .

Yet, Elder Austin didn't contact them, it seemed that even the Papral nation wasn't sending information to him .

'Killing human cultivators feels so useless, but advancing even more can only cut our path to retreat, we must be halfway through the eastern coast after all . '

Noah a.n.a.lyzed in his mind .

He felt conflicted about the current situation, the lack of reports from the Papral nation didn't make the situation clear, he couldn't decide which one was the best approach .

Then, as if answering their doubts, a blue light shone in the distant north, far away from their position .

The light was so bright that the group from the Hive could clearly see it, it was as if a pillar of light had enveloped the territories in the distance .

The sound of an explosion followed, and a shockwave chased after the sound .

The ground trembled, and the air shattered, even the robes of the cultivators in Noah's group fluttered when the shockwave reached the air around them .

The pillar of light released so much power that even Noah and the others could feel part of its effects .

"Don't tell me, the light comes from the territories of the Empire!"

Elder Hope shouted as her mouth opened in surprise, she couldn't imagine how a shockwave could travel for almost half of the eastern coast!

The group was so shocked that it didn't notice that runes lit up on top of the obelisk .

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