Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 531

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Chapter 531

The Utra nation had been forced to allow the heroic cultivators from the n.o.ble families in the new continent to match the exploration speed of the Shandal Empire .

Of course, that permission didn't extend to all the n.o.ble families .

With the Cause threatening to start a civil war, the Elbas family tried to appease the strongest families that wanted to dethrone it, while also giving benefits to those loyal to the Royals .

It was needless to say that only large-size n.o.ble families had been allowed on the piece of Immortal Lands .

It wasn't only a matter of benefits and loyalty, medium and small-size n.o.ble families simply didn't have the power to send heroic cultivators away from their territories .

Also, large-size families were more influential, having the loyalty on one of them meant having control over all the weaker families under it .

"I understand that this land is full of riches, but I've lost my son, nothing can replace him . "

A middle-aged man with long golden hair spoke as he flew over the snowy plain .

"Lord Muwlos, your son died by the hands of criminals, there is nothing that links the Vondhur's incident with my family . "

A woman flew next to him and replied to his a.s.sumption .

"Hmph, the Elbas family has many branches, you might be guilty without even knowing it . "

Lord Muwlos answered the woman's words .

The two heroic cultivators flying over the white plain were Fred Muwlos and Lois Elbas, with the n.o.ble being in the liquid stage and the Royal in the gaseous one .

"Fred, we have been friends for over three decades . The Elbas family has already given your family free access to the academy for the next century, and you are here, exploring part of the Immortal Lands . Today's attack will even bring us many goods… Just let go of this grudge, Samuel carried your blood, but he was only a human cultivator . "

Lois spoke, and Fred heaved a helpless sigh when he heard those words .

"Almost twenty years have pa.s.sed, but I still can't forget him . I guess it might be time to make another heir, any chances that our families can become one?"

Fred asked, shooting a warm gaze toward Lois .

She understood the meaning behind his words, a marriage between the two of them would unite the Muwlos family with the Royals, increasing the power of the rulers of the Utra nation .

Lois placed a hand over Fred's forearm and slightly pulled his robe before answering in a soft voice .

"We must wait for my father's approval, he is still mad at you for collaborating with the Udye family . "

Fred revealed a smile and took Lois in his embrace before lowering his head to kiss her .

It was at that point though that a shadow crashed on Lois' head, activating the defensive layer of her robe that was soon shattered by the power behind that attack .

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Fred immediately understood that something was wrong, that attack was completely hidden, he hadn't been able to sense it at all .

The trail curved and dodged Lois' spell, its speed increased even more as it reached for her .

Lois didn't have time to cast another spell and could only take an item from her s.p.a.ce-ring and place it in the trajectory of the attack coming for her .

A large inscribed s.h.i.+eld appeared in the air above her, and cracks formed on its surface when the trail crashed on it .

Lois was about to prepare another attack when she saw that a fiery blade was reaching for her from under her .

Black smoke spread above her from where the trail had been blocked, and a sword was under her, she felt entirely trapped by those two attacks .

Another item came out from her s.p.a.ce-ring, it was a talisman that immediately created a defensive sphere around her figure and that repelled Jason's sword, pus.h.i.+ng him back for a dozen meters .

A notebook appeared in Lois' hands, but she immediately stored it when she saw that her mental message was stopped and destroyed by the joint work of two consciousness, it was clear that her a.s.sailants were trying to isolate her .

"I wonder who is the fool that dares to attack the Royal family!"

Lois shouted as sparks gathered on the surface of her body before gathering at the center of her chest, her veins bulged, and white smoke came out of her skin when that technique was activated .

Elder Jason saw the figure of the fuming woman slowly walking toward him .

Her steps released threatening sparks in the air under her feet and the defensive sphere was still around her, Jason couldn't help but feel fear when he looked at her but his mood improved when he saw that a dark figure appeared behind the Royal .

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